Getting Ready

Hello!  Hope your Saturday before Christmas is not too crazy!  I’ve been a busy girl!

I logged on this morning and printed off our boarding passes!  I started early until I finally got it!  IMG_9029

We lucked out and got in the A group with TSA Prescreened.   That rocks.

Tip:  When flying take along empty water bottles in your carryon.  Once you get past TSA you can fill them from the water fountain and not have to buy expensive water in the airport!  We have ours ready!  It really is the small things that add up to staying in budget.  That saves about $7.00 for us!


Since I am doling out tips here’s another  one.  I put half my medication in my bag and the other in my kids. If one bag gets lost at least I have half my meds until they find the bag or I can get my friend who has a key to my place to FedEx me some!  I don’t take it on because it is awkward.

Ooh, another tip!  Eat up all the stuff in the house like a week or more before you travel.  It forces you to use up stuff and it saves you money and extends the money you might have in your wallet!

Then I cut my kids hair.  That saves a bundle too!


I am so glad she still lets me do that.


Then we took down the tree!


Bye Christmas friends, until next year!


I sure hope someone finds it by the trash bin and sees that it can still be useful.

Now I am packing and look at this! Why do they always have to sit on the black clothes?


I’m going through my closet trying to put together nice outfits.  I bought some stuff here, but not holiday gathering clothes, so I’m being creative.  Hey as long as there is a little sparkle, its all good.  I’m sure I can find something.

So we are off.  I’m taking my iPad and hope to post from that if I can.   If my brother doesn’t have WiFi yet, you might not hear from me much.  I can post from my iPhone, that has data but the posts will be short.

Please have a safe and warm holiday with your family, friends and/or pets!  And remember, keep it simple and as stress free as possible!  Don’t overdo.  My new motto!

Happy Holidays Friends!



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