Simple Things

To be truly happy you have to be happy with what you have… and today I am.  It was just that kind of day that didn’t take too much to make work.

I had my daughters dad and her sister over for dinner and gift exchange.   I cooked hamburgers, pasta salad and Christmas cookies and goodies for dessert.  It was so low key and nobody seemed to mind that it was not fancy.

The warmth of the table with a candle and a bottle of wine was enough.  The two girls get along so well, I love to watch them laugh and huddle over their phones laughing.  So cute.

I’m glad that I didn’t try to kill myself to make that turkey I bought on sale and go through that while I’m not feeling 100% and I have travel coming up soon.

Today just worked and I am happy!  Happy I didn’t over do it and happy that everyone had fun.

I have my list ready for the things I need to pack.


I started packing today.  This is my carryon!  IMG_9010

Filled with presents!  I can mark that off my list!


I decided to save money and not ship them in advance because Southwest still allows one free checked bag.  The checked bag will carry my clothes because its a bigger bag.   I guess I will have lots of space for the return trip!

I’m starting to look forward to seeing everyone.   Its nice to see family. I am a little nervous about seeing them in my condition.  The steroids have kind of puffed me up, but I guess I will just have to explain that to them.  They will love me anyway.  Oh they will tease me, but still love me anyway!

Today could have been a potentially stressful and trying day.  I’m glad it turned out as well as it did and I didn’t even have to try.  I just let it be and was happy and proud of the simple evening that we had.

It was perfect!   I think I could learn a lot from today!

Tomorrow I am taking down the tree already.  Seems like we just put it up!  I sure hope someone finds it and gives it another good home for Christmas day.

Are you keeping it simple this year?



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