So This Was Christmas

I hope your day was wonderful.

Went to another brothers and had yet another huge gathering!

Here are some pics of his area and back outdoor space:






And of course his new baby! This is the sweetest puppy ever!


We sure do love our pets! Tomorrow I need to visit one sister I haven’t seen and then Saturday we head home to our own fur babies!

Time has flown. It will be a double edged sword to go back to reality.

Heavy sigh….


4 thoughts on “So This Was Christmas

    • Hi Gail, we are lucky to have such a large fam and our dear mom who is 94 in Feb. it has meant so much to us to be here, my dd really loves the family exp and she thrives in the chaos. I am happy to have this side to bring her too. I dont take it for granted these days as we are all getting older!
      Enjoy your day!

    • Thank you! They work really hard on their spaces here! I just hope someday we can have such nice space. I wont want such large one, but i want to own some trees! 😉 xoxo

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