Back To Reality

You are not going to believe this! Yesterday, pretty much all day during travel, I developed the WORST heartburn. The closer we got to Burbank the worse it got. I only had Tums with me that did nothing. By the time we got home it was so bad I had an elephant on my chest. I have taken a couple pills, but still not in good shape!

Add to that… allergies! I woke up stuffy and with a killer headache!

I did have to turn on the heat and I MUST go buy filters today for these old vents:


Its on my list. Its been on my list!


But why the minute when I get back here does my health take such a dive?

Almost instantaneous! I suppose its just because my diet has been so bad, and because I am tired, and because my cats have been running amok for days and the cat hair is everywhere.

It will take a bit to clean up my world and feel better, but boy, welcome home, here take this! Ha!

On another note, my kid sure is happy to be home and that sure makes me feel good!

No coffee for me this morning and I am keeping my list small!


Have a great day!


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