Non Resolutions


I woke up at 3:30 this morning and could not, would not, did not go back to sleep. I knew that I would be in horrible shape if I tried to go to work, that’s what sick days are for right?

My job sucks right now. I could write a whole post on it, but it’s not worth the effort. Suffice it to say, I work with passive aggressive males. It’s kind of very amusing! I have dealt with much worse in my life, this is not easy, but I can handle it.

After not sleeping well, I decided my health is most important thing on my plate. It’s 8:00am now and I still haven’t crashed. Oh it will happen but at least when it does I’ll be home

All this stress induced insomnia has given me some time to think. About everything!

Maybe the coming New Year has something to do with my thoughts as well. Everybody in the world is talking about resolutions and new beginnings.

Why not me?

I’m not big on resolutions. I would rather gather my thoughts and try to prioritize by making lists and see what it is that I need to focus on.

Here’s a couple lists that I started:

Expenses that are coming up:

Car Repair – Brakes/Tranny
Kids Wisdom Teeth Surgery
Pay Brother Back for Airfare
Start saving for a car for Kid
Driving Lessons/Permit

Thing to take into consideration broken down in groups:


Keep home dust/cat dander free

Save for Emergency Fund
Stick to smaller grocery budget

Do Yoga/meditate at home

Find focus
Stay positive

It doesn’t look like a lot, but it really is because each of these focal points are time consuming.  Most of you know how  that goes… so much to do, so little time!

Well, today I will start by trying to sleep before my kid wakes up.  I have a laundry to do and a turkey to roast if its defrosted.  That should help me stretch my non-existent grocery budget until payday!

Tell me, is it me or are you just dying to get past this year and into 2015? I am so done!



7 thoughts on “Non Resolutions

  1. YES! I am OVER 2014 and ready for the new year, I have been ready for months. It’s been such a rough year! I need to rethink my goals, because none of the ones I set for 2014 were attainable. Life’s lovely like that.

    “I work with passive aggressive males” – Oh hey, ME TOO! It’s actually quite pitiful. It took me years to get use to it. Now I know how to play that game like a pro, granted it can be exhausting. Stay strong and don’t put up with shit, that’s my new life motto.

    • Omg! That sucks!! Not just because of the $$$. But the physical aspect! It just never stops! Uncle!!!!! 😦 I hope it goes easily for you, most of the time it’s pretty easy. They got it down to a science!

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