Printables – Let’s Go!

I found a pretty cool website (I also added it to my blog roll) that has a ton of free printables.

Printables are selling like hotcakes online right now.  Grab these for free while you can at Artsyfartsymama.

I printed out weekly schedules to help me get my a handle on my new health hobbies


I have decided that since I have health issues that I should choose to spend my time getting and staying healthy.  That will be my new hobby.  I’m going to incorporate stress reduction as well.   I will share that in another post as soon as I figure it.  😉

I am so stressed out all the time and that cannot possibly be good for my health issues.  Its time to get a handle on that.

I also printed out a budget sheet from the the same site.  Its really not complicated and I think it is perfect for me.


I’m going to get going on that today!

Its a good time of year to use these freebies to get organized.  At least I know I need the help of lists!

Also, my blogger friend AJ at Insidious Life reminded me of the 52 Week Challenge.  If you’ve been following me from the start you know that I tried and failed it more than once. 


I don’t know if I’m going to succeed this year either, but what makes it more likely is the fact that my kid is now talking about owning a car almost! I found this cool site that shares an easy to download PDF for the challenge and its pretty too.

(Love the name of that site!)

Mine is printed out and ready to go.  Hey, if at first you don’t succeed try, try again!  Right?

I hope you can use some of these ideas to help make your new year easier than the last!



7 thoughts on “Printables – Let’s Go!

  1. I have to ask but you don’t have to answer; why do you have to shoulder the car on your own? Does her dad not feel the need to contribute to having one? It’s not just the expense of the car but insurance, taxes, fuel, repairs, tires. I don’t know how you can keep that going or why you would want to.

    We were the meanest parents according to my daughter we did not buy her a car until she turned 18. I didn’t need or want the responsibility and everything that came with it. She could take ours on occasion but that was it.

    I know it’s not my business; however, you are so stressed now imagine sitting down and budgeting all her car needs in this month’s check. Why do that to yourself? Will she be disappointed? Yes. But no where is it a granted that you get a car when you are sweet sixteen. You may have to put it off for a year. She will live, she will succeed without.

    I truly don’t mean to offend, but I don’t understand how adding a car to her life will make your life and your health better.

    • Hi Gail, no not at all! I should have clarified! Her dad is saving as well for his part, my girl has started a savings acct and she has a possible summer job already lined up at the camp she has voluntered for that last couple years. When they turn 16 they get paid! We are all trying to save! Also my brother in oregon told me when the time comes we should fly up there and buy thru his connections and not pay sales tax! I just have a harder time saving my part for obvious reasons. ;/(

      • You know I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. My heart aches for you. I wish I could help you. I hate to see you struggle.

        Trust me, I have been in a position health, single mom, financial ruin I know how you feel.
        I want the best for you.

  2. Gail please no worries! My feelings are not hurt at all. We are actually doing well, it’s not easy, but being in a BK is not supposed to be. We really do have all we need and that is one thing I am going to try to be this new year, grateful. You are so sweet! Xoxo happy new year!

  3. Ooh timing, I put my 52 week savings printable up today for the New Year. I doubt I’ll hit the full amount, because 2015 is going to be haaard financially, but I’m determined to save something!! Now I need to reconfigure my budget spreadsheets and cut some expenses, always the hardest part. 😀

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