A $300 Mishap


Yes $300 big ones.  The good news is I don’t have to pay it!  I only witnessed the stupid thing.

What’s wrong with this picture?

IMG_9447 o


I watched the kid in front of me who also volunteered as a shuttle driver run that cart off the path and almost down the mountain!  He flipped a u-turn and headed back down going so fast I knew he was gonna lose it.  He made it out safe but the cart frontend was toast and it took all these guys to pull it out.  The front wheels were bent in and the axel bent.


It was a mess and the kid came back later and told me the cart shop said he did at least $300.00 worth of damage.  He was so embarrassed, he drove much more slowey the rest of the day.

Check out this country club.  Excuuuuuuse me!




Really nice.


Except they have a dirty secret.


I was pretty surprised!


There carts are crap (not just that one because of the kid) but they just were crap and speaking of crap, the toilet facility on the course had no flush nor any running water.  REALLY?

A course and a club like this?  I said something but nobody came to repair it, ALL DAY!


I mean this is where Tiger Woods had his tourneys until he moved to Florida.  Well, not this par 3, but the other course in the Country Club, they have two.  I know.


This is le crème!


These are not the best shots, but trust me, this is a nice place.   Surrounded by mansions.


One of the kids complained they couldn’t get reception.


Awww, I joked, how uncivilized. 😉




All kidding aside, it was a nice day.  My kid faced her demon hole and did well on it.  Overall, not her best day.  However, she has another game tomorrow all the way down in Palm Springs with some friends from the tourney.  The more practice the better!  I am staying home while she goes.  Yay me.

She is out to dinner with her golf buddies now and I’m home eating homemade soup and relishing in the fact that my toilet and water actually work!  HA!

Take that fancy schmancy pants.  Fix your potty please!  I mean really!  😉



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