Credit Score Update – January 2015

Don’t ask me why or how but check out that increase!  Up 16 Points!


Maybe something got paid off from the trustee?

If I were a bett’n girl, I would bet that it will drop down at some point.

Pretty strange. I know that is not a good score, but better than when It first tanked.

I wonder if student loans report because even though mine is in deferral because of this Bk, I still pay it every month.

The last thing I want to do is not pay that loan and have it growing and at the end of these sixty payments have another HUGE debt staring me in the face!

I would die!

So what do you think, is the student loan reporting, did the trustee pay off something or is it just because of that 500.00 limit card that I use sometimes?

Here are some links to my previous posts for my credit score on the Plan Events Page.  You can see how it has fluctuation over the last couple of years!




2 thoughts on “Credit Score Update – January 2015

  1. Credit scores remain this huge mystery to me. But hey, positive progress is positive progress, even if you have no ability or intention of utilizing it right now.

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