Four Poster–News


Post One:  Okay, this is definitely not Kansas!  It is a very small reminder that I live in Southern California!  Where else can you find this little guy under a desk?


Only in So Cal!   Thank goodness it wasn’t my desk, but in IT,  I’m always under desks!   Scary!

Post Two:  My  brother is not only my brother but he is my friend.  I cannot believe the kindness in his heart and everything that he does for everyone else in our family.  Especially the fact that he foots the whole bill for the facility where my mom is now living and that is upwards to $4K a month. 

Not to mention either that we have eight brothers and sisters and everyone seems to go to the bank of “bro”.  I tried to avoid it, I have never borrowed money until now.   I needed it to go to Portland with my kid in December.  He fronted me the money, gave me a place to stay and did I mention he actually rented me a car. 

I sent him a check for $400.00 last week and this is the message I got in return.


Yes he shredded the check.  I was shocked.  I told him that I would agree to it only if he does not do the same thing to the next check that I send him for the remainder.  I am so grateful you have no idea!

And he has no idea that I am in a Chapter 13.  He is just a kind, generous guy.  I love him more than words.

Which brings me to Post Three:

I get to have my transmission serviced on Friday!  Yay!!!  I will use the money for that!


And finally, Post Four:

My kid received an email from the summer camp that she has volunteered at as a CIT for the last two years.  She will be 16 in May and at that age she can get a paying position there as a Camp Councilor. 


She filled out the application last night online and they will be interviewing in a couple of months.  She is so excited and I’m absolutely thrilled and so proud of her initiative.  That kids wants a car BADLY!  She will save, I will save, her dad will save and she will get her car.

I hope your day started out a little more tame than a baby rattler in your office! 

Have a great day!


10 thoughts on “Four Poster–News

  1. That’s wonderful news. How kind of your brother to do this for you and your mother. I have no doubt you would help with her expense of you were able. Can you imagine how proud he would be if he knew what you are doing day in and day out? I think he would, he would be a good cheerleader.
    This year is starting out great and I pray the best for you and daughter.

  2. After seeing post 1 I shuddered and then had to look under my desk! Not that there would be any snakes in my house and it’s freezing in ohio. But hey, you never know. There was a snake in our parking lot a couple months ago.

  3. Ughhh, I would flip out if I saw that snake. Woohoo, I love what your brother did for you. You honored his generosity by getting your car fixed. I’m sure he wants his sis driving in a reliable car. Also, bravo with your daughter looking for work. The world needs more self-starters. Yea, for an awesome day (well, minus the snake).

    • Thank you Kim! I can’t wait to send him a pic in Friday, iPhones sure make communicating fun! I can’t tell you how surprised and grateful I am. That just doesn’t happen to me! Caught a break. Xoxo

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