Turkey Soup with Potato

Hello!  As you know I’m really trying to stick to my $60.00 a week food budget and I’m doing it. 

This week will be a success, thanks to this and other frugal food choices.

Remember the turkey I bought for $7.00?  I’ve made so many meals out of it, it’s the greatest.  Last week I took off the left over turkey meat and bagged the bones.  I got two full gallon bag of bones, one for this soup and one in the freezer for another soup and a ton of meat too.

Here’s a basic recipe:

1) I put the bones on the stove in a regular pot, not the crock, filled it to just about the top of the bones.  I brought them to a boil, then turned it way down and simmered them for about 3 hours.   The only thing I put in with the bones is a tablespoon of vinegar to get the calcium out of the bones and salt and pepper.  Don’t worry, you can’t taste the vinegar.

2) When they are done, strain them and put the broth in the fridge for the night and toss the bones out.

3) Last night, after the bones were in the fridge for the night, the fat came to the top and I was able to scrape it off.  Can I just say here that the broth turned out really jello-ee and that is what you want because it means that all the collagen came out of the bones and that is so nutritious. 


4) I put the broth on the stove and added the following ingredients.  2 potatoes, 1 half onion and 2 carrots.  I tried to cut them all the same size.


5) I also always have frozen celery in the fridge to add to soup.  When I buy it, just cut it up if you have extra and it never wastes that way.


6) Put that all in the pot and and let it simmer.


7) Cut up some left over turkey and have that ready to put in the pot when the veggies are soft.


8) Add that to the pot.


Give it a good stir and when its all done the house will smell so good, feel so cozy and you will feel so frugal!


There you have it.  A really yummy, super inexpensive pot of soup.  I must have had 3 bowls last night.  I love soup!


Add some bread and its really satisfying.  So guess what I am having for lunch today?

Hope you are safe and happy where ever you are!



7 thoughts on “Turkey Soup with Potato

  1. I have to say, the end result looks delicious! But I just cannot get past the keeping the bones and boiling them lol. I’m not a big meat eater, and when I do it has to be boneless. But seriously, that bowl looks so yummy, I’m kind of craving it now!!

    • No problem! Just go get chicken on sale, a can of broth, add some water and veggies!

      I dont look at is as icky, so I an lucky I guess, cause there is not much cheaper and nutitious, Beans are good, but I don’t tolerate them well anymore! Maybe I not so lucky! 😫

      • There is a bean soup recipe on the stretch page you might enjoy. I am no cook, but like to share simple and cheap! 😆

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