Big Spend Day

Today was a SPEND day.  I don’t have many of those, but when I do, wow!

The really nice husband/wife team came over this morning and brought some floor samples.


This is pretty nice laminate, its not cheapie cheap feeling.


Look how different the same floor looks in two diff pics!


I am not sure yet, they came in a bit higher than my friend said they would.  About $1500.00 for my room and my kids room.  I think I can save 120.00 if I pull the carpet up with my kids dads help! 

What do you think, is that a good deal $1380.00 – 2 rooms?  I think it is.  I have not committed yet.  I don’t have that kind of money.    I need to save it up!

I got my car transmission flushed and I saved $20.00 with a coup.  Spent $179.00. So glad they didn’t tell me I needed brakes and other things, soon, but it can wait.

Then I went to the little thrift store close by because I wanted to get my kid a twin bed ruffle, they had one for $3.00! Lucky!


I will bleach that up!  I found two shirts for me, I wanted to pick up some shirts for work with sleeves.  $7.00 for both.  My kid rearranged her room and now she wants to hang white lights.  As long as she is happy!


I bought a big mac and a soda, a $5.25 – I was hungry.

Then I went to Target and bought some new washcloths and an iTunes card for my daughters Spanish tutor.  She did not get a Christmas gift and she is leaving for Spain next week.  We are devastated.  She found us another tutor though.  I spent about $50.00 cause I got some cash as well.

Oh… but here is some good news.  I took something back to home depot and while I was returning it I noticed they had charged me twice for another item on the receipt, so they refunded that as well.

Then I got gas, $30.00.

Seriously a spend day.

I bought groceries too.  I only went over my budget by 7.00 though!


Super stocked!  I got so much for this coming week!


3 pounds!  Tacos and burgers!


This salmon was on sale for 5.99.  Its what put me over, I should have bought only one.


And for some reason, I wanted these turkey hot dogs.  

I got a lot of grocery.   We are set.  I even bought some cream on sale – like way cheap.


Non dairy (I think)!  I didn’t look now that I think about it!  But usually coffee creamer is non-dairy.

So there you have it, my super spend day.  Just feel crazy when that happens.

Tomorrow we are off to tourney.  Will let you know how that goes. 

Should be a no spend day!  Which I could use for the next month!  Or at least until next weekends grocery trip!

So what do you think, is that a good deal for the floor?  I think its half of what
Empire wanted for like one room!




9 thoughts on “Big Spend Day

  1. Is that labor and materials for the flooring? When DH and I had ours installed all through the house (probably 1800 sf), Lowe’s and Home Depot were having $300 installation in the whole house. The actual laminate flooring ran close to $3500.

  2. I’m not sure if that’s a good deal or not. It seems high to me, but I’m also is a much lower cost of living area. I had my entire main level, and lower level redone during our renovation in 2013 with laminate. I LOVE it. Great with kids and animals. It ran me $3500 for materials and install, this also included a set of stairs and the extra thick padding beneath the flooring for the lower level since it was on a slab. It’s about 1500 sq ft. Not sure how much room you’re filling? The carpet must go, but I’m not sure laminate would be better for cats!?? Definitely buckles easily with moisture, we had a few spots already replaced. Tough call, go with your gut!! 🙂

  3. We laid our own laminate (bought from Lumber Liquidators store) so I’m not sure what a reasonable labor charge would be. $1380 doesn’t sound too bad for 2 rooms. I think we spent about $500 per room just for the flooring on 2 rooms. You should get 2-3 estimates! Since you need time to save up anyway, find a couple more handyman estimates and then you’ll know if the couple is in the right price range. Maybe you could shop around for a good deal on the flooring, buy it yourself and just get estimates on installing. I’m sure the couple are also trying to make a profit on the materials, too.

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