Forecast – Rain


How are you today?  I am sure you are all just as crazy busy as I am.  Off to a good start in the new year.

It’s pouring here.  We expected it today, but not yesterday!    We sure need it.


This was taken at 6:30am at the practice range before my daughter’s tourney yesterday.


It actually looked like it was going to try to be nice.


The weather changed its mind and made for a very wet round of golf.


Today’s round just got cancelled so kiddo is playing 9 with her dad for practice in the rain.  One of the golf dads gave us some  tips to keep her and her equipment dry that I want her to try.  On the down side, she has the sniffles, so that is a scary.

While kiddo is playing golf, I’m doing laundry and hanging out at home playing Domestic Diva.  Later she wants to bake cookies.

Today is 52 Week Challenge, time to add some money to that.  I actually set a reminder on my iPhone to help me remember that today.

Update on the laminate flooring.  My WANTS are definitely  bigger than my SAVINGS so I need to save up some more cash and I want to get a few more estimates.  I think the couple on Saturday were reasonable (sort of) but I need to be sure.  I could save money with them if I pull up the carpets ourselves.

I found a flooring liquidator store not far from us, but they close at 6:00 every day, so one day next week, I am gonna leave work a bit early to go and see what they have available. They also do installation.  If I can save even $50.00 then I’m happy!

In the meantime, I have a larger cat box to use and will replace the carpet under it as I think that has odor.  I have lived with it this long, what’s a few more weeks and honestly, it could be worse, I’m just being sensitive and need to Man Up!

On another note.  What Was I  THINKING?

I put this down in the garage and was going to sell it.  Friday I brought it back up and cleaned it up to take pictures to sell it.


How stupid was that.  I’m keeping it.  Whew, close call!

I am also saving so much junk for the garage sale in April, or is it May?  Whatever, its gonna be a mambo one and that will really help add some extra cash to spend on the condo.  I am running out of room.

Two things are want this year.  Notice I use the term wanted and not needed because Yes, I do know the difference.

I want living room furniture, see why?


And I want flooring, you know why.  Don’t worry, I won’t insert a scratch and sniff. 😉

After that I will continue my budget so that I can then put money away for kids car.  How long have I been saying that?  I just think there needs to balance, one or two things for me (condo stuff)  AND save for kids car.



8 thoughts on “Forecast – Rain

  1. We’ve had some crazy cold weather this week, dipping below freezing. I wish it would snow! We rarely see that. Glad it didn’t rain here, since the ice seems to shutdown this entire state. Getting more estimates is a smart idea. I always try to get between 3 and 5 estimates for any given project. I’m always amazed at how much the quotes vary! Don’t forget to browse Big Lots for a sofa set, definitely on the affordable end. That’s my want for this year, new sofa, but that’s a long shot! (Hope your daughter isn’t coming down with anything!)

  2. No rain for us northerners until next weekend. Right now it’s gloriously sunny and pleasant … and I’m inside trying to get through my closet cleaning ordeal without filing for divorce (not really, but DH is a packrat and drives me crazy when I’m trying to get rid of crap).

    While I love using the smaller contractors for house-related projects, sometimes you can get a better deal with the big box stores. We are carpet hating people around here, so we love, Love, LOVE our laminate floors.

  3. Happy New Year!

    It’s been ridiculously cold here. My cat looks pathetic. My space heater runs constantly.

    Keep the Keurig! It’s a great device and you would probably just end up replacing it without something that cost just as much as you sold it for – and wouldn’t be as nice.

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