Big Lots & PB Cookies

Hello!  Happy Monday.  Back to the grind right?

I’m just grateful that I feel well enough to get up every day and get myself to work.  My flare is at a slow simmer; its not quite going away.  GAH!  I need to give it some attention and figure it out or it will get worse and I’m just not ready to be sick or up my medication type!  Too many side effects.

Thanks to AJ I got online and checked out some Big Lots pricing on sofas.  Wow!  That is all I can say!  Wow!


Those are great pricing for some pretty nice looking sofas.  I cannot wait to get one.  I might even do that first before I do the laminate and put it off even longer! 

That ratty old, stinky couch of mine is really awful.  I honestly can say that I’ve never had a couch in that bad of shape before. Like… ever.  But in my situation, you just have to deal as long as you can.  Uncle.

My kid came home from golf yesterday and got busy!


That damn stove of mine burns everything.  We turned it as low as we could;  the bottoms still came out too dark.  I just scraped them off this time.  I am not throwing out another batch.  Next time, I’m gonna raise the rack and also get some parchment paper and see if that helps. 

I should get new stove, but that is never gonna happen.  The appliances in this place are going to be replaced by the next unfortunate owner.  I draw the line!

Well, better get into my work week.   I hope you have a great day!



10 thoughts on “Big Lots & PB Cookies

  1. Oh I’m glad you liked what you found online, the stores always have a bigger/different selection, or at least they do here. 🙂 I was pretty happy with our old set, regret selling them! Might have to go check them out in store again soon. My back and hips hurt so bad in our old worn out sofa.

    Too bad you don’t live near me, one thing we can get great deals on are appliances! I usually pay 1/4th the price, if that. I hope you start feeling 100% better very soon! And your daughters hair is gorgeous.

  2. I’ve been looking at couches at BigLots as well! Here in Massachusetts. We shall see, but gosh do I ever need one too.

    Weird question but as you figure out finances and such for the flooring, can you rip up the part of the carpet that is the most damaged? Just to get rid of the smell? I have two cats and I can relate (though box is not on carpet!). One of my cats never has accidents but the other one? Weelllll her favorite offense is to climb in the box and then pee over the side! I’m thinking about getting puppy pads to put underneath.
    Good luck.

    • Hi Kay, thanks for stopping by! My one cat poo’d over the side! Like really? I have thought about ripping that carpet part up, definitly! It looks even more appealing everyday! Its just so hard to fork over the $$$ cash for floor replacement. Sometimes I wonder if this BK has made me cheap or wise? Sometimes I think I am neither! ;/)
      Pee pads a good idea!

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