No Question About It

Picture a mom holding a dental bill in one hand and a piece of laminate flooring in the other, weighing her options. 

What should she do?


Not really a difficult decision.  Not a question at all! 

My kid reminded me last night that she “can really feel the teeth back there”.  Well, there ya go!   I made an appointment today and she is getting X-rays and an exam this month.  We will probably book the appointment for the actual surgery next month. 

The flooring was a wonderful thought!  I have wonderful thoughts.  Winking smile  Until I come to my senses or remember the REAL priorities in my life.

I looked online at my FSA account to see how much I actually have in there to cover medical expenses this year.  I did not plan well this year and there is not enough to cover my portion of the cost of the wisdom teeth which is close to $700.00! I currently have under $500.00 in that account and I know for a fact that I’ll have more medical/dental expenses than just dental.  Hello Prescriptions! 

Top that off with the fact that my kid wants to golf nine holes a couple of times a week at a cost of $15.00.  I told her we could probably do it at least once a week, its great practice, but no more than that on a regular basis.  Again, priorities.  I do consider her golf a priority.

So for now, I am going to get some products by Bissell to clean the carpeted area that is the worst and figure out what to do with the sofa until I can get a new one.  Its such a weird shape, I don’t know if a cover is possible; that is an option if I can find one.

Oh… my area Big Lots is going out of business!  Can you believe the timing?  Maybe I should go and see if they have something super cheap at the clearance!  Like super cheap!  Super Duper Cheap!

Are you fickle like me when it comes to spending $$ and then  realization that it,s not a good idea?

At least I come to my senses right? 

Have a great day!



(And can you actually believed I created that sad hand image for this post?)  Winking smile


3 thoughts on “No Question About It

  1. Oh, when your teeth hurt its so miserable. Do you yard sales, estate or moving sales where you live? Maybe you could find a new to you sofa . being in the HOA you might get inside scoop someone that’s remodeling and they might have something you could use.
    You are very creative, you will find a way to fix this.

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