Is It Friday Yet?


I have so much to do this weekend and I’m looking forward to it.  Cooking, cleaning, small projects around the condo.  I’m even looking forward to sweeping my patio.  You should see the mess. 

The weather is going to be great!


I love the 70s!   Sunday is perfect for me.

My weekend list consists of:

Grocery Shop (try to stick to that $60.00 budget might be harder this week, but will give it a try)
Sweep Patio
Measure Chair for Slipcover (FYI and BTW – Wal-Mart has covers too online!)
Clean/deodorize carpets (Bissell Products)
Clean vent in the bathroom
Clean fridge
Polyurethane kitchen sink counter

I have the grocery ads ready.


I have a couple of really great menu plans and recipes that I want to make.


I even have a shopping list to go with the menu I found.   I have to be careful and I can’t follow this 100% but it’s a great start.


I want to make these bars.  No bake!  That is always a plus.


Saturday won’t get here soon enough.  I think its time for me to try to go gluten free again as much as possible.  I need to pay attention to my illness and its not getting any better.  GF is what helped before.  So we shall see.  Its so expensive to try to buy store bought GF products so I am making a couple of different breakfast bars that will be a lot cheaper.

I know its only Weds, but what are your plans.  Do you have your list ready?



5 thoughts on “Is It Friday Yet?

  1. Ebay is a great suggestion for slipcovers. Or even overstock, sometimes they are better than Wal-Mart. My only plan this weekend is to relax, and find out the sex of the baby on Saturday! Then start tackling my home office aka future nursery. I’ve got my work cut out for me!

    • Putting a nursery together…. Swoon!!! How exciting! Have you looked at Pinterest for ideas!?! A guy at work is expecting a girl and I am just sending around a card for $$$ but I get to put together a little corner with pink everything. That will be fun. Maybe pink lemonade, pink cookies, pink balloons and flowers, etc. it’s not a shower but a place to gather when I give his card. It in like 8 weeks.

      • Aw that sounds fun! Unfortunately my nursery won’t be cool like the first one. Since my MIL moved in and took over what should have been the nursery, I have to do a combined office/nursery for now. So it’s literally a desk/my stuff in one corner, and a crib and dresser in the other. I have to admit I’m a little bitter about it, but just another sacrifice we have to make this year. 🙂

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