This a Raise?

Hello!  I’m glad it’s Friday, aren’t you?

Good news, we are getting a pay increase after six long years of no increase, but not really.

We will receive a 7.5 % increase to cover the cost of the 7% that we will now have to pay PERS. So technically, we will only see a .5 percent increase.

This is the article we received from HR.


Do you think the Trustee and my Attorney will care?  I think I better send out an email to let them know.  There is no way I want to compromise my Chapter 13 by not disclosing every little increase.

In other domestic news…

I’m doing great as far as budgeting goes this year so far – two weeks into the year, Winking smile.  I’m writing down everything little thing I spend money on and really sticking to my food budget pretty well. 


I’ve had to be really creative, especially last night.  It was so weird!  We did the leftover thing and I ended up eating a hotdog (no bun), a taco and a gluten free pancake!  Winking smile 

We had to clean out the fridge!  It was pretty funny!  But hey, it worked. 

I’m working on my food plan for next week and getting my shopping list together. 

I already pulled out a turkey breast from the freezer and plan to make some kind of GF/DF casserole.  That will make lots of meals. 

I plan make some GF cereal bars this weekend and I expect the cost of the rice and oat flour will eat up a huge amount of my grocery budget.


Can I just say I am so grateful that the cost of gas is way down.  It helps!

What are your plans? 




2 thoughts on “This a Raise?

  1. Congrats on your raise. 🙂 It sounds like the increase was way over due. It’s not a big change to your paycheque after PERS, but at least it’s all building up towards something important in the end. I don’t drive a lot but yes I’m really enjoying the lower price of gas too. 😀

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