I Have Arrived

Its finally here, I can say even though my 55th birthday is a few months away… I have arrived at middle age.  Want proof?


When you have to buy a pill box its definitely official. Right?

Thankfully, only one kind of pill that I take daily is actually medicine right now.  I actually took myself off the other medicine and am replacing it with new supplements.


Adding those to my current supplements, I have a bunch!


I am hoping that with a strict gluten free diet as well as the added supplements that I can get back on track.  I would rather take a handful of supplements than pharmaceuticals.  I hate drugs!

My budget is shot.  I went to pick up these ingredients for baking.


I knew it was going to be an expensive trip.  Add the vits and it was over the top. 

I also went to the 99 cent store today and that helped a lot.  I got the parchment paper there!  I saw it at the mainstream store for 5:00 so that was a great buy.

Last night I stopped to buy some gluten free buns and guess what? Today they had the exact same kind at the 99 cent store!  I grabbed two packs for the freezer. 

On another note.  So far this is a bummer weekend.  I was so sick all night last night and today it was all I could do to get out and get a few errands done. 

I know I will feel better soon, it just takes time!  Here’s hoping for a better night ahead.

Hope your weekend is off to a great start!



5 thoughts on “I Have Arrived

  1. Sorry you aren’t feeling well. Sounds like you have a good plan to get healthier. I’m sure the money stress doesn’t help your health. Stick with it and I’m sure you’ll see some positive results

    • Working hard on my Heath right now! UC is very weird and every plan is different for everyone. There is no one size fits all. But I just keep trying!!! Being in a bk and having this issue is the worst!!!!

  2. That’s funny about the pill box. Maybe I should get one too. Usually I have a lot of pills to take including my chemo pill. But I’m off right now till I get some tests done so, it’s like wow, I only need to take 6 pills not xxx.😎

  3. Tahoe get a pill box!!! Old people have a great idea here! I don’t have to stand in front of those bottles of pills daily to get the out, which saves so much time! Also having them ready in one place every day just takes the sting out of having to take them!!!! Old peeps are smart!!!!!

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