Pay it Forward

Today was the perfect day.  I only left the house for 15 minutes and that 15 minutes was special.  More on that in a bit.

I woke up super early.  4:00!  Yep I was bright eyed and bushy tailed after going to sleep at 8:00 last night.  I felt much better today.

I got to watch my show!


Sunday Morning.  Love that show. Later, I played around on my iPad and I noticed that the new Downton Abby is playing!


I am so excited. Four episodes!

Yesterday while I was at 99 cent store I found some pet stuff and used it today once I got up and about.  Its better  than nothing until Bissll sends me some product or coups!  Fingers crossed.


Smelled good, I put it on the rug too before I put it back in the corner and the whole carpet as well.

Oh before I forget, 52 Week Challenge.  Check!


I also made the Gluten Free/Dairy Free casserole.  This is great!  I love the creamy sauce.


See?  I dug in.  Still eating on that turkey!  I used some of the broth from it as well.  That was the best 7:00 I ever spent and I still have soup bones!

While that was baking, us girls did our nails.


Funny, I was filing my nails and I looked over and Gracie was doing hers too!  Cute!

Today I only left the house once because I realized the almond milk that I have is vanilla flavored and needed plain.   I grabbed my card and keys and headed to the store.

I just got the milk and was standing in line and then it was my turn.  The cashier had been chatting up the couple in front of me about her job search and the man got a piece of paper from her and gave her his email and told her to send him her resume.  That was cool.

The cashier was apologetic to me and I was not bothered at all, it was fine.  I told her no worry and good luck!

I swiped my card and it didn’t work.  I took a closer look and instead of grabbing my debit, I grabbed my FSA debit, which won’t work for milk.  I was ready to leave when the guy behind me told the cashier to put it on his tab!

Whoa, I was so thankful and shocked.  He was so nice.  He told me to  “just pay it forward”.  I promised I would and I will!

What a great 15 minutes that was, such great energy all the way around at that counter!

And now… shortly, I am headed to bed to binge watch Downton Abby!


I played around with a new app for that photo!  .  😉    Have lots of learning to do!  😉

So off to an early night!  Hope you had a wonderful, positive Sunday too!


4 thoughts on “Pay it Forward

    • Thank you. Had a bout of insomnia with just a slight headache. I read that most Americans are vit D deficient and that can cause headaches, so that should help once I get my levels up. Coffee sure helps in the morn! Have a great MLK!

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