Short Week


Hello!  I had the day off yesterday but spent some time on the VPN so that I could get some work done.  It didn’t kill me and I was satisfied with the work I did, but ugh, would rather just focus on home stuff when I am home.

The weather was nice and will continue to be nice all week.  Actually maybe a little too hot for my taste.  It doesn’t help that my air conditioner in my car has decided to act weird.  Always something.



Why does this look better to me? 


I mean, really it does.  I am excited to move back home when I retire.  I will probably go through withdrawals for the weather here at some point, but at the age of 62 or 63 I think my attitude will be… who cares what’s going on outside as long as I’m with my family… after so many years (since 1984) of being without them!

I won’t be able to wear this type of shoe almost every day like I do now!

IMG_9731 (2)

Today was nice enough to get out and get my hike on at break. 


(Still playing with my app!)

Back to work.  It’s a short week as I have Friday off, but may in fact come in for a few hours if I need too.  One of my upgrades has be stubborn, but I intend to win!

Have a great day!



2 thoughts on “Short Week

    • The cost of living is redic! When I visit Oregon it amazes me how cheap everything is compared to here. I make way more a year than most and they live way better than I do! Sometimes I think I never should have left!!!

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