Weekly Ads Arrived


Lots of good deals!  I love it when you can get chicken, beef or pork for under a buck a pound.

Yesterday I downloaded a new FREE app for my iPhone to keep my grocery lists.

ITS ABOUT TIME!  Seems like everything you need is at your fingertips these days with our smartphones.  How did we ever live?

So far I only have one thing on my list.


I actually went way over budget last week so shopping next week should be very light.  However, I can’t afford not to pick up some of the deals.  You have to get them while they are going on.

This week I would like to buy an inexpensive cut of  beef roast and put it in the crock pot for French Dips!  I’ve been craving them and now I have so many Gluten Free buns in the freezer that I need to make sure to use them up.  It would be great for dinner as well as lunches.

Today is my kids dental exam and x-rays.  Bye bye $$$$.  Next month Wisdom Extraction!  EEK!

Have a great day.  And don’t forget to get in on the grocery deals!  It’s where we can save the most of our hard earned cash!



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