Weekend To-Do’s

It’s my Friday!   My boss said I can come in and work tomorrow on my day off, if I want.  Not really.  Thanks anyway Boss. 

I’ve put in enough OT in my lifetime for two people.  I need to take advantage of every given moment for myself that I can find.  To heal, to relax, to get things done, to be.

I would really like to take my lake walk in the morning and then tackle my list of things to do in the next few days.

  • Take back the Slippery Elm
  • Take back ear buds to ATT that stopped working, find that receipt
  • Wash Car (maybe)
  • Go to Sprint to see if I can get a better deal, I can’t even tell you what I pay for 2 phones with ATT
  • Make a roast in crock pot for French Dips (craving so much)!
  • Make Iowa Girl’s Carrot Cake Breakfast cookies
  • Domestic Diva things, clean, laundry, ironing, etc.
  • Try to find all my tax receipts and ponder that project
  • Pull out the larger cat box and deal with that; still looking forward to hearing from Bissell Winking smile
  • I need to organize my garage, there are a lot of garage sale items ready to topple and it’s a mess.
  • Take kid to golf clinic

They say that your To-Do Lists should never have more than 7 items.  Its funny because mine always do, but I just tend to complete about 7 of them and then roll over the undone items to the next list.



Check out that source for some great tips on getting things done on your list!

I hope you have fun or relaxing plans for the weekend and may your To-do list be short!



6 thoughts on “Weekend To-Do’s

  1. You have a busy three days! We have snow today and tonight so I am not sure what we will do this weekend depends on the weather. As much as I dislike snow we need the moisture desperatly.

  2. It’s my Friday, since I’m traveling for a conference!

    My to-do list is stupid long, and I really do better with it when it’s actually written out and in front of me. I have the good problem of having too much paid work (and after graduating law school and having a part time job teaching LSATs, that is a problem I love having), but, wow, I need to manage my time.

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