It’s a good thing I have two more days to tackle the things on this list because none of that got done today.


Yep, I got a headache.  Not just any headache either.  When I go, I go BIG!

The last few months I have been getting headaches.  Especially in the middle of the night.  I couple of weeks ago, it made me so sick.

I texted my doctor this morning because last night it happened again. It was bad.  He made me come into his office.  Immediately.

Now I’m taking not one, but two more meds!  One for High Blood pressure and one for migraines.  Can you believe it?


He is hoping that the BP was brought on by one of my meds and I am going stop taking it for a week.  The BP he gave me is super low dose as well.  I will touch base with him next week.

Life is grand.  When you get older “it” really hits the fan!



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