What’s Different?


Hello!  It’s so windy here today, like downed trees, electrical outages in some places windy!  I am hoping that my kids golf clinic gets canceled or I will have have to call and cancel her participation..  Would rather hear from them.

I woke up this morning with a headache, not as bad as its been though.  The migraine med kept me up last night, but at least I was not in pain.  My cheeks are a little pink and I think that indicates that there is some High Blood pressure still.  I have no idea how long it will take to control.  When I look back at my texts to my doctor my earliest complaint to him was December 6.  I know I have had them longer.   Scary stuff.

Today, hopefully I’ll be able to get  a few things done on my weekend list.  I did get the grocery shopping done, but sill need to get some beef broth to make these French Dips.


I cannot wait.  Mmmmmm!

Have you noticed anything different here at Sixty Payments?  I removed the blog roll!  I decided that I would rather show my love of other blogs by linking to them in posts than have a static list!  There are so many wonderful blogs out there and I’m constantly finding new ones.

Here’s one I want to share today!



I was taken by her story under “Depression” !  Rough Patch.  She has come a long, long way.

She has many great recipes and ideas to help you save money, cook and keep a positive outlook.

Go check it out!  10 Freezer meals in one hour!

Well, I better get moving and start my day by making my kid some pancakes!  I just might have to have some too, as I have a GF mix that I bought.  Then I will see see how much I can get done.

Have a wonderful Saturday!



2 thoughts on “What’s Different?

  1. I love the Living Well Spending Less websites, I’ve been on her email list for over a year now. Great tips and recipes! I miss your blog roll! I use to visit some of those sites after reading yours daily. Should have bookmarked them myself, oops.

    I hope you feel better soon. Migraines are no fun. 😦 I feel your pain! I can’t take my good prescription stuff anymore, just Tylenol, and let me tell you that does not help!

    And completely off topic, but Big Lots sofas were on sale and there’s a 20% off deal for rewards members (just sign up for a card)! Amazing deal, saved us $150 (I caved lol). You need to relax and feel better this weekend! Forget that to-do list. 😉

    • What a great deal! I am heading to Big Lots after I get my kids Wisdom teeth paid for. I also need to send my brother the rest of the money I owe him and he better take it this time! 😉

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