Just Like the Weather

Good morning!  I ask you, does this look like January to you?


What’s with the drop in temp from today until tomorrow?  I mean, I love the weather in the next  couple of days but how does it drop almost 20 degrees?  Fickle I tell ya!  Speaking of fickle…

This post is kind of fickle too.  Lots of this and that and the other thing.  Roll with me k?

Starting with my health… the high blood pressure med is doing the trick.  The headaches are gone!  However, last night I got insomnia to the tune of 3:00 in the morning. Okay, it didn’t help that my kid has a cough and I was up helping her too.

I realized there is one last piece of equipment that I’ve had since she was small and I will keep until she goes off to college.  (sniff)


That is the best cough medicine ever.   If you have a small kid, get one and if it doesn’t kick out enough steam, dump a huge spoon of salt in the water.  It will really ramp it up.  I love that thing!  Saved many many nights of sleep.

Yesterday, I made the French Dips and can I just say… Yes!  They are so good. Kid loves them too and I have enough to last for quite a few sammies!


She gets real French bread and I get the GF Kind.  I do eat gluten and dairy but very very sparingly.  That is a whole other post.

Yesterday, while I was at Target picking up my prescriptions I got my kid a string of pretty lights.  She wanted white Christmas lights but I could not find them in my garage or anywhere, so when I saw these I fell in love!  I put them in a gift bag and gave them to her for working so hard on her finals last week.


She loves them!  So much prettier than plain old lights!

Today  thankfully, I get to putz around the place and get a few things done that will help me start my work week tomorrow feeling more organized and ready!

At 2:00 I can sit down, relax and watch Sunday Morning.  Did you know you don’t have to get up at 6:30 to watch it?  If you have the Smithsonian channel they air it at 2:00.  I have been watching lots of programs on that channel lately, its giving PBS a run for its money in this house!

Well, my budget is shot this month.  I went way over for food.  But next month will balance it out because I have a freezer full.  I did buy myself a couple of blouses at Target as well as a few more items, a basket for my bathroom, makeup for my kid, some Aveeno lotion.  You get the gist.  I cannot always deprive myself.  But I should budget better!

Will it break the bank no?  Should I have waited to purchase next month yes.  Can I make it work?   Yep! Juggling has become my middle name.

There will be no flooring or furniture purchases in my near future, at least not for a few months anyway.  If buying Aveeno is going to freak me out, can you imagine how I would feel if I bought a new couch?  😉

It will come, in time, it will come!

Oh.. I don’t want to forget this!  52 Week Challenge day!  $6.00 Check!


I finished another book last night to add to the Reading Room.  Not a fav and probably won’t read that author again, she is good, just not my style!    I went to the Friends of the Library yesterday and picked up more! I think I got a good stack!  Will share that soon!  I am off to a good start with my reading goals this year!

I better get up and get moving!



2 thoughts on “Just Like the Weather

  1. Thanks for the Smithsonian tip. I record Sunday Morning so I can sleep in a little and still get my fix. Weird hearing the theme on violin. I checked to see if I had the Smithsonian Channel and I do. WooHoo. Love the lights. The French dips look yummy.

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