Lazy Girl

Hello!  Back to the grind!  That means work AND hiking! 

It seems easy to spend my break time at work out on the trail!  I love to get away from my desk.  Why is it easier to get up and away from my desk than it is to get up and away from my couch on my days off? 

Don’t answer that.

The weather has cooled off as predicted and actually there is supposed to be a little rain, sprinkles…. um.. drizzle today! 

California hasn’t figured out how to actually rain yet.  I shouldn’t say that!  Watch it pour!

Actually, if you take a look at my hiking boots that I leave at work, you wouldn’t call me a lazy girl!


They are old.


And worn out!


Peek a boo!  That’s my finger!


Time for a new pair. 

I’ve had these for quite some time, at least a few years.  I bought them at Big Five.  The shoes and boots are pretty reasonable there, under $30.00.

So as soon as I can, I gotta splurge for a new pair!  When I hike my trails I can actually feel each and every stone through the bottom of these boots.  It’s not fun. 

For this week and until I remember to get a new pair, they will work.  I think I got my moneys worth!

Have a great Monday!



5 thoughts on “Lazy Girl

  1. What Sheryl said. If you liked the first ones enough to wear them out, a new pair is a good buy.

    I am on my way to shovel two feet of snow. 🙂

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