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Hello!  Remember yesterday when I said “California doesn’t know rain”?  Well, last night it rained… hard. 

We really needed it too!  I retract that statement.

I realized that I haven’t posted the movies we have been watching in quite a while.

Here are the last four in no particular order.  You will see that my movie taste is as eclectic as my reading taste!  Also drivin by what my kid wants to watch with me.  Its really hard finding something we both want to watch.

Boyhood:  My kid and I both liked this movie a l lot.  I loved the concept of it being filmed over a 12 year span and it was seamless.  Bravo!


Being Flynn: Anything, and I mean anything with Al Pacino  Robert De Niro has my vote.  Find this in the $2.99 or less section!  This actually had me in tears many times because I have a close family member that suffers from mental illness and it really resonated with me. 


Annabelle: Can I just say this was creepy.  SPOILER.  That freaking doll never moved (accept once, to levitate). I kept expecting it to at least move its eyes.  Nope.  Maybe they thought that would make it creepier, I don’t think it did.  That is the ugliest doll I have ever seen and I can’t believe anyone would of wanted it to begin with!  Winking smile


And finally.  The Interview:    I kept thinking that Sony really took a hit on this one.  It was funny, juvenile and just plain crazy!  It was at least entertaining and I thought that was good.  I love Seth Rogan!


So there you have it.  Let me know if you have seen them and what you thought!



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