Getting Fit

You know that my hiking boots are well worn out.  I really do get good use of them every day I am at work.  When I walk at home, I walk on pavement around the lake, so I wear tennies.

Today I caved and went online and bought a new pair of hiking boots for work.  I also bought a workout DVD a couple of days ago that arrived yesterday!  That was not cheap.  I bought it so I could share it with my BFF in Portland!


Have you seen this on PBS?


23 minutes each – great for lunchtime!


I hope this helps!

I went online to Big Five and found some new (cute) boots for under $20.00.  Okay, this is California, there is always tax, but the shipping was quite expensive.  I still came in close to $30.00, so not too bad.


I think these are the cheapest I am gonna find.


I actually like them the best of their selection anyway.


The blue is different and a nice change.


Looking forward to a padded insole.  OMG, at my age, I think good (or at least not worn out) shoes are important!  I had them shipped to work, it will be great when they arrive.

I used to workout to videos in the back room on my lunch break as well as hike on my breaks.  I want to start working out in the back again and that’s why I bought these vids.  I really need to incorporate stretching into my day.  I am not spring chicken and I think its time to get back on that bandwagon.

Do you stretch?  I will let you know how it goes.  Have a great day!  It’s hump-day!



2 thoughts on “Getting Fit

  1. Good find on the boots. I get on Yourube and find lots of great exercise videos. I like Leslue Sanson walk away the pounds. Happy trails.

    • We used all her dvds, but unfortunately, my groin go so sensitive to her repetative movement I had to stop! I loved her!

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