Daily Grind


Don’t forget to go to HGTV and enter to win. 

I thought I would get that little reminder out of the way!  If you win, send me a bone!  Winking smile

Last night I had the HOA board meeting to go to.  Its really grinding me down.  I hate being on that board but with so much coming up financially, there will be some special assessments soon, I feel I need to stay on the board to be “in the know”.   I’m still acting President until the next meeting.  Gah!  How did I ever? 


At least as President I get to dictate how fast that meeting goes and keep it on track.  It’s so easy to get derailed by ranting! Power!  Winking smile

I think the boots I ordered from Big Five yesterday are going to be delivered today.  How fast is that? 


I didn’t even pay for fast delivery.  The same thing happened when I ordered from Amazon the other day, I got it the very next day!  Do not bother to pay for faster delivery. 

Did you shop at Old Navy over the holidays?  We got a few things, remember the coat and tops?   I was given this coupon at the time and have been hanging onto it.


So my kid needs a few new pieces and I thought I would take her here.  What’s gonna be interesting is to see how this actually works.  There always seems to be a Gotcha with these coupons.   Its not her favorite store, but at least I can save a few bucks.

Well, that is my grind today.  Lots going on at work and hopefully tomorrow I will be sportin some new hiking boots.  The old ones will not go in the trash.  You are thinking… What?  But I will just toss them in my trunk to have in case of an emergency.  I know, I am weird like that.  Always planning for the worst.

Have a great day!



8 thoughts on “Daily Grind

  1. My grind today is coloring my hair trying to save money. I am fairly grey and now my grey is orange. I know I can’t do this, every time I try it ends ithe same way. When will I learn some things are best left to professionals? But, I am going to Ulta to see if they can tell me if there is a toner to fix this carrot top mess.

    • No… Step away from the bottle. Always leave your hair to the professionals. It will cost you more if u dont most of the time. I need cut and color too, but already spending too much. Good luck

  2. OOhhhh thank you, thank you, thank you for the Old Navy coupon reminder. I got one in my email for $40. I cannot stand Old Navy for myself, but their kids section is great. They’re the only pants that fit my son well (tall and skinny!) with the adjustable waist bands. Plus I can stock up for baby. I’ll have to read the fine print though….always something.

  3. Ok I’ll go out on a limb but my hair has been going grey since my 20s and I’m almost 50 now. Well 2 years ago I had enough and I cut it short, went lighter and let the grey grow out. It wasn’t easy at first but now my hair is long, silver and so healthy. I don’t regret it and I save so much money not coloring it. Just an idea. I know it’s not for everyone but if you can do it it saves tons of money (and no more worrying about roots touch ups etc).

    • Hi Kiki, your hair sound beautiful and I love that look. There is a lady at work that has long, white hair and she is stunning! I want to try it, but not quite brave enough! Yet!!!

  4. Well 130.00 later the orange is gone. Kiki, I have tried letting it grow out, but it grows out looking like a silver skull cap and my husband would have a fit if I cut it short.

    • 130.00 is a lot, but you are worth it and it could have turned out poorly. It cheaper to get it done instead of corrective color. I bet you look and feel beautiful, 😉

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