Never Fails

Hello!  I hope you enjoyed the weekend and your Super bowl Team won!  Mine didn’t.  I swear, if I like a team its like the kiss of death!  Winking smile

Speaking of sports.  I took my daughter out to play 9 holes on Saturday instead of the golf clinic.  I would have taken her for 18 but she wanted to hike with her girlfriends that afternoon and the kid should be allowed some fun right?

It was such a pretty day. 


Here’s the deal.  The clinic is $30.00 (a great deal) but mostly focus’s on chipping and putting.  That is very important!  However, my kid is having trouble with the new driver and long irons she got for Christmas and she really needs to work with them more.


For half the cost of the clinic, $15.00 she was able to go out and play 9 holes.  She could play 18 holes there for same cost!  It’s worth it.  $25.00 total ($5.00 for her warm up balls and $5.00 for me to be a spectator and $15.00 to play) she got a lot more play in. 

That is what we are going to do on Saturdays for a while.  Just go play.  I can walk and get some exercise and she can practice.

Sunday she had her private lesson for $50.00 for a half hour and next weekend is a tourney.  She really needs to get used to those long irons. Her scores are climbing because of them.  She is too young to have the YIPS like Tiger!  Winking smile  She played 18 holes with her dad at another golf course on Sunday for FREE.

While she was hiking on Saturday I went to Old Navy and used our coupon.   I bought her a little yoga outfit.


I bought myself a sweater and some socks for both of us.  I also bought some sterling earrings for her Valentines present.  Pretty good deals.  There really wasn’t any gotchas with this coup!  Surprise!

But… it never fails.  Things always fall apart at the condo when you least expect it right? 

Yesterday I was doing laundry and the dryer stopped working.  I am pretty sure it’s the heating element.  I looked it up and it looks easy enough to fix.  But… I want them do it because my stack washer and dryer is jammed in a closet and really hard to pull out, I would never be able to get it out. It’s $170.00 and I figure oh what the hell.  What next you ask?

This morning the heater would not come on.  I had to play with it but I think the thermostat is going out.  Its old too.  Everything in my condo is so old!  If that goes out… I plan on getting space heaters.  We only use the heat for about a 10 minutes in the morning.  I am so over this condo!

Oh there’s more!

The air conditioner in my car is on the blink.  If it wasn’t so sad, it would be funny. 

In the middle of all those numbers whirling around in my head, my kid sat on the edge of my bed and hinted what she wants for her 16th birthday. “It’s a  huge birthday mom!”  She wants to go to a music festival in Northern California.  I’d have to go as well because of her age.  So about $500.00 for two day tickets. Oh Joy!   I have a friend that lives up there, so hopefully she will give us a place to stay, if not, then it is out of the question.  I have to send out that email today.

Sometimes it just never fails, when it rains it pours.  I can’t seem to get out of this flare, finances are in the crapper and a lot of stuff coming up! 

Come on 2015 I had so much faith in you! 

Winking smile



5 thoughts on “Never Fails

  1. When I read all the stuff that has to be fixed it reminds me why I let my house go and I have no desire to own again.

    You have a list that is daunting even if you aren’t in chapter 13.

    I have no words of wisdom but I am pulling for you.

  2. Honestly,I agree. First it was sons wisdom teeth, then I went from 2 root canals to 2 extractions. Then our washer died, so we bought an inexpensive new one. ( we had fixed the other a few too many times). Then I’m getting a procedure done under conscious sedation, but I didn’t realize as a hospital visit we will have a $856 co pay. Then I needed tires, … Geez when it rains… Sometimes it just keeps raining!!!

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