Random BK Thoughts

I thought it might be interesting to share the daily thoughts that may go on in the brain of a person in BK journey.

More specifically, this bankrupt person.

Granted the thoughts are not very titillating, but they are real. I’m not sure that other people on this journey have the same thoughts, maybe they just go on about their lives and forget about it. I find that hard to do.

Here is a sampling of my random thoughts. If you are considering bankruptcy, then you may wish to think about it long and hard because it can really wreak havoc on your brain cells.


In the morning: My thoughts usually go toward the immediate financial needs of the day. What do I have to spend money on today? Do I have enough? When is my next paycheck? It kind of snowballs like that. It goes from what’s needed today, to the age old question… When is payday?

During the day: It’s usually based around not spending money, or if I am spending, how can I save as much as I can. Am I eating from home, what are my plans for food for the rest of the day, do I have enough gas? What does my kid need?  I sure wish I had more money!  I am underpaid!

More Random Daily Thoughts in no particular order:

· I hope nothing breaks down.

· I think this will be the last pair of hiking boots I’ll need to buy during this BK.

· I wonder how long I can make this thing (whatever it is) last.

· Wow, I have had this eyeliner since before I filed.

· I hope I don’t get sick and cannot work.

· What if I get a raise and my trustee raises the payment?

· What if I can’t make the payment?

· What if my mortgage is late?

· What if there is drama waiting for me at the end of this journey that I didn’t expect, like someone didn’t put in a claim and now I have to pay it anyway?

· I sure hope my car can last.

· I can’t wait to have a discharge party.

· I hope I have a successful discharge.

· I sure hope I have equity in the condo in 2017 and it has all been worth it.

· OMG, this is taking so long.

· Will this EV.ER end?

· Does blogging make it drag on?

· How am I ever going to save for a car for my kid to help her with that?

· How can I ever keep affording all this golf?

· This list can go on for days!

At night: This time of day can be the worse. Maybe I didn’t have the best day, maybe I stopped at the market and did not follow my list, maybe I overspent and was totally conscious when it happened. Maybe an unexpected bill was sitting in my mailbox. Maybe my illness got the best of me and I wondered/worried that I might not make it to 62 to retire. Maybe my kid told me one more thing she wants/needs and that sent me into a huge guilt trip. Maybe I look around the condo and see the things that are falling apart, carpet, furniture, other repairs and I get totally depressed.  Is it worth it?  Will I ever be able to afford to fix this place up?

Most of those thoughts are negative and that can’t be helped.  But there are bright spots.


I remind myself that in 2.5 years I will be out of debt, I will have equity in my condo, I will be that much closer to retirement and my daughter will be off in college.  Chances are all the negative random thoughts won’t ever happen.  I remind myself that 99 % of the things we worry about don’t!  I remind myself that I am doing it!

There is a light at the end of the tunnel and I just have to focus on it.

If you are considering bankruptcy, do not go blindly into it, think long and hard because it is a long process that takes FIVE YEARS! (three years if you are lucky).   But if you have to do it, you can make it work!  Just like me!  Make it work people!


12 thoughts on “Random BK Thoughts

  1. If you do get a raise (and you sure deserve one!) and the trustee raises your payment, will that make your bankruptcy get paid off quicker than the 60 months total?

    • Hi Onefamily, no unfortunately. The creditors would just get more of a percentage.

      I dont think I have to worry about getting that much of a raise though! Its a silly random thought, but it would be nice because then my retirement would be worth more, so that is a positive!
      I like your hummingbirds on your site but i have a hard time reading the posts cause the fonts too light for my old eyes. 😔😔😔

  2. You’re brave, I couldnt face what your doing in 13, I took the 7 because of all the reasons you listed. You are doing it, you are half way there. Know that I wish you the best of everything.

  3. You don’t have to blog about your bankruptcy all the time, you know. 🙂 And you can post more recipes! 😉

    To be serious: it takes discipline and guts to do what you are doing. Keep plugging away at it, hope that you can get through it without a major crisis, and come out on the other side with renewed discipline and an appreciation for what you have.

    If need be, picture in your mind a successful discharge. Picture the day when you don’t have to make payments on those debts and can bank all that money you are giving to the trustee every month. That day is coming. 🙂

  4. I have all these same thoughts! In fact, I went to the bathroom at work and when I came out I thought, “wow, in those three minutes I expended so many brain cells and energy on about 8 different what ifs!!! The life of the 13!! Mind constantly racing. Mentally exhausting. But it was prior to filing also. At least we are moving in the right direction. No choice! Right? You’ll be fine! Better than fine! Keep your eye on the prize!!!

    • Yes, anytime I have downtime I think about it! It’s like watching water boil and I am sure it’s making it go by more slowly. Almost half way there and hoping that it goes by more quickly on the other side of 30 payments! You in a 13. Tell me about it! Nice to see you!

      • Hey, did you ever owe the IRS any tax after you were in the 13? Just wondering how that works since it’s not part of the budget…plan mod?

  5. Hi lori, last year i owed And got a refund. I thought i could apply what i owed from refund. Nope, had to give trustee refund and still pay! Havent completed taxes yet tnis year. Some trustees i other states let you keep refunds!!!

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