What’s Up Buttercup?

Hi!  Here’s what’s up here at Sixty Payments.

I am far from back to good, but I am functioning.  Knock wood!  You just never know.  Its a daily guessing game. I barely made it thru last week, but I have three days off and three days on next week and then three days off again.  I think I can make it! 

I’m seeing a new GI on the 23rd and I cannot wait!  I think its time.  Also, I did not start the new med my current GI told me to start.  Nope, not yet.  I might have to eventually, but I’m not jumping into it.  I want to talk to new doctor first.

So… that is that.

Yesterday was Valentines day!  I hope you got flowers, chocolate and more!


I love to give our daughter gifts on Valentines.  Her dad and I both pitched in and gave her some money to go shopping.  She had a blast and bought some cute clothes at really good deals.  A teenage girl needs clothes and shopping.  I am sorry, it is a need!  Especially when they are so good and life isn’t!

But first I took her to the golf course to play 9 holes.


Isn’t that cute.  They always team her up with a group of old duffers who are really nice to her and I just walk along side with my backpack and umbrella to keep me out of the sun.    These old duffers are so impressed with her.  Its fun to watch.  It was so hot yesterday!

Today she is golfing 18 with her dad.  During the week she plays 9 holes after golf practice twice a week.  She is really working hard! I adore that girl!

I actually went shopping yesterday as well.  I bought some new shoes.  I’m having a hard time finding comfy clothes and shoes and now I need comfort more than anything during the workday.  Its hard enough to work, but to be in 4 inch heals is not happening. 

So I bought a cute pair of tennis shoes and a reasonable heal.


This was the only pair of wedges I could find that were not 10 inches.  C’mon shoe maker people, make some of the cute styles with a shorter heal.  Thank you.


See?  My feet are going to love me next week!  BTW, 20.00 a piece!

Today when my girl is out golfing with her dad, I will be here at home watering plants, doing laundry, changing sheets and hopefully doing more healing.

I hope all is well in your little corner of the world!



10 thoughts on “What’s Up Buttercup?

    • Thank you!!! Thank you! I am working on getting better. A really restrictive diet seems to be helping some and I can’t help but think the meds make me worse! I think I am at the point now where comfy shoes are gong to be the norm at work. Wedges are comfy but I think a little smaller wedge is in order. Xoxoxo

  1. Oh wow the weather looks awesome there..its -20F (yes that’s minus and without wind chilll, it’s even worse in celsius) here in my city and I’m so bummed. Glad you are feeling better! I will once spring comes!

    • It’s beem really bad this year for the East Coast and hears hoping Spring does come soon…. It’s too hot here, seriously something is up with the weather! It’s too goofy!!! Xoxo

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