Hang In There Baby!

Hello!  I hope you have today off as well!  Its nice to have a three day weekend.  One less day to worry about feeling well and faking it at work!

I did what I needed to do yesterday and that was chill.  I didn’t leave the house once. Friday when I was out and about I picked up a bunch of stuff to decorate a small corner area at work for a co-worker.  He is expecting a little girl and I have circulated a card and an envelope for a gift of money.  Its what he wanted.  No shower. 

I bought all kinds of cute stuff and will show you the decor next week. I present the gift on Wednesday and have invited all for cookies.  I will have pink lemonade, pink wafer cookies and pink and while animal cookies. I hope it is enough.   I want to buy some fresh flowers and maybe some pastel M&Ms as well.

The 99 cent store didn’t have much in the way of decor, so I bought some gift bags and cut out shapes to make my own!


This one is cute!


I also bought a pink jump rope to use as a clothesline and will hang some caps, washcloths and bibs from. I had left over clothes pins from my Halloween decor.


I painted them pink and am thinking about gluing a pearl on each one, or sparkle, but not sure.  I think enough is enough!

I will post pics of the decorated corner.  I sure hope it turns out cute.   I am not good at these things and feel sorry for him that I am the one to do it!   I almost asked someone else to last week, I was that sick!

In other news…

Here’s what I am reading.  I actually had these books from my last flare.


This way of eating is helping.   I seem to be living on chicken and eggs though.


This books helps me keep things in perspective.


I have another book coming from Amazon.  Maybe it will come today.  That would be great!

Today is another low key day.  I do have to do some things around here and actually  leave the condo for a bit this afternoon.  It’s probably a good thing to get out.

I must be feeling better, I am blogging!!!!!

I hope you have  a great day and if its cold there, stay warm! 



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