One Less Thing…


Well, I got the baby celebration out of the way that I was in charge of.  It always stresses me out so much when I am in charge of things like this.  However, this went off without a hitch. 

I ran out of money for it, so my boss pitched in for the flowers and the punch!  Yay.

Turned out really cute!  Thank goodness for the 99 cent store and a little creativity.


I used a pink jump rope for the clothes line and I painted and decorated the pins with pearls and little flowers.


I bought baby’s breath and pink carnations!  So sweet.


The expecting mom came as well and I let her take the flowers home.  See the tiara on the vase?  99 cents!  It was a very pink event!  Glad that is done, one less thing to deal with or worry about!


In other news… it’s my Friday and I am exhausted.  Tomorrow I have a doctor appt. with a therapist.  I really do think its important to get support when you have so much on your plate.  As you know, my plate runneth over!  I know this doctor and I’m sure he will help me get thru all of this!  I also have a couple books from Amazon on how to deal with chronic illness that have shipped and I cannot wait to get them.

Monday I have an appt to see a new GI.  I’m looking forward to her opinion and ideas.  Even if she tells me the same thing as my current GI, it will be worth it.  Hopefully, she will have some new ideas for an old problem.  I don’t expect much as there is only so much out there for this issue.

Well, I just wanted to touch base.  I am sorry my blog has seemed to take a turn, but I am still here, I am getting close to the half way mark!!!! 

I am still just blogging my way through this chapter 13 and that includes the crap that life throws my way!  Not always (rarely) interesting, fun or pleasant but it is my life! 

Thanks for being apart of it!



7 thoughts on “One Less Thing…

  1. What a cute baby shower, you did a fantastic job with the decorations! Glad to hear you are getting personal attention to help you through, maybe just being able to talk it out will help with the physical as well as the mental. Stress is a killer! Take care.

  2. Cute baby shower. You thought of details I would have never thought of. I sooooo hope you get some help from the new doctors. I’m pulling for you.

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