Trails and Ranch Style Pork Chops

Hello and Happy Monday.

Woke up feeling great today.  I spent the weekend recouping on the couch and I think it helped me to restore my energy reserves.  Today I have an appt. with new GI for that second opinion and I hope that I learn and feel comfortable with that conversation.

I received my books as well, so will share those with you in another post in case you or someone you know has a chronic illness and are struggling with the emotional aspect.  I think it is so difficult at times.  I sure know I can’t do it alone!

But back today.  Feeling pretty good.  I didn’t even walk this weekend.  However, I walked last week at work at lunchtime and I want to share those images with you. 

The flowers are blooming!  Its pretty!  I just hope that it doesn’t affect our springtime blooms!

Everything is purple!


This is Lupin and years ago, these hills were covered in them.


I don’t know what these small pretties are.


Check out the view looking toward Malibu and the Pacific Ocean.


I haven’t been up this trail since summer.


I think these are milkweed. ?? You know, the kind of plants that the Monarchs need.

Did you know the Monarch butterflies are in trouble?  It breaks my heart!



Its cold and a little wet today, but I am going to try to get out for at least 20 minutes. 

Another thing I want to share are these babies!


Do you like pork chops?


I have seen this recipe on a TV commercial forever and I finally made them for Sunday dinner.

Just open a couple of packets of this:


Add salt, pepper and paprika and bake (turning once) for 20 – 25 minutes.


So good!  My kid loved it.  I’m so tired of the food plan I was on.  Totally unsustainable and just wasn’t working for symptoms.  Its hard and stressful enough being sick but to try to change your way of eating just adds to that stress for me.

Then there are these two critters who kept me company all weekend!

Look at that face, only a mother could love!


So sweet!  Both of them!


I love my weekends at home and that is why I know I will love retirement!  I was watching a show on PBS this weekend and the speaker was talking about retirement planning.  He kept saying to wait until you are 70! Like no!!!!!!!  Please NO!!!!!! 

I couldn’t bare it.  Then he said unless you have a chronic illness! Like yes!!!!!!!  

If there is an upside to chronic illness, that would be it!

I am not saying I won’t work if I can find a job after 62 but not here, not in southern California and not full time!

Wish me luck at my appt. today; I hope this post finds you well and happy! 

Make the pork chops!



10 thoughts on “Trails and Ranch Style Pork Chops

  1. On Suze Orman’s segment, “How am I doing?” she always tells people to work about 5 years longer they had planned. Seems like quite a few of these folks have quite a bit saved. I’m going with the “people first” idea and just working until I’m eligible for my pension. Life is too short to spend it working 40 hours a week. I wouldn’t mind working part time. Glad to hear you’re on the mend. The pork chops look great.

    • Hi there! I always wonder that toobut what we have that they dont is guarenteed income for life from pension and social sec. On top of that i have medical for life from my company as well as medicare. I think most people have to worry about medical patment. I amnot saying i will be loving high, far from it! 😕 but will move to cheaper state and i sure no how to live frugally now as well. I wont be traveling or living the high life but i would be happy to be healthy and home! 😇😇😇

  2. Glad you are feeling better!

    I think the “work as long as possible” advice stems from the idea that no matter how hard it is to work at 65, it’s a lot easier than working at 85. (Also, you get more Social Security per month the longer you wait to start collecting. If you collect at 62, you get 70% of what you would get if you were to wait until 67.)

  3. The other reason to delay as long as possible is that Medicare doesn’t kick in until age 65, and even if you work for health insurance and pocket money between 62 and 65, it might be worth it.

      • Oh wow, that’s a long time!

        I’m not exactly a financial planning wizard, but the math on the Social Security payments is pretty brutal for early retirees. Thing is, you can stop working full-time, do a part-time gig or open up a consulting business, and wait to collect.

      • Bridget that is worth a try! I would try to get a job before i move to oregon lined up. I actually like that idea. I would find a very inexpensive place, my kid will be out in the world, so I should be able to. Another thing is i might becin pretty good health and decide to stay here just 36 more months. Maybe!

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