And So It Is…


Well, the new GI I met with yesterday was lovely, truly.  She was young, sweet and very easy to talk to.  She was amazed at my knowledge of my disease, which kind of freaks me out because who better to know about my condition than myself.  At every turn in our conversation when I said a technical word, she was bowled over. Sad really because it indicates to me that most people are not educated and being their own advocates.

Beyond that she really didn’t have anything new to offer.  I kind of knew that going in, but was hoping.  She did however give me some food for thought.  She offered to write me a prescription for a new maintenance drug as well, but I told her no thanks because I don’t want drugs coming from multiple doctors.  I think at that point she realized I was there for a second opinion and she was still very sweet.

Her opinion was good.  She made me feel better about starting the new drug that my doctor wants me to start.  The prescription has been waiting for me for weeks.  I just had to research it more, get a second opinion and wrap my head around it.

Now I have to think positive thoughts that it will work.  If it doesn’t work, well, that is a whole other ball game.  (But I can’t think like that!)


And so it is…


I have to pick it up (tonight?)and start taking it.  It could take up to 3 months to kick in and I have to have my blood tested to ensure the white blood count is okay.  If I get sick on this medication, I could really be in trouble.  (But I can’t think like that!)


We all have our stories… I just can’t wait to get past this chapter and hopefully find remission for a long, long time!


I am so ready to get back to normal!  Positive thoughts only right!?!



6 thoughts on “And So It Is…

  1. You know your health better then anyone. Take it, if you know it’s worse then the disease stop. I hope your daughter and friends can step in and take care of you on days you need help. But you have to let people know you need help. Don’t try and be brave on your own.

  2. Ughhh, I wish it would just go away on its own. Glad you have a new medicine to try. This WILL make it better. Sending positive vibes your way.

  3. I’m thinking of getting second opinion too. He’s a myeloma specialist in San francisco. My medication has stopped working and I need to go on another. Not sure yet.
    I understand completely how scarey it is to start a new medication… But you’ll be monitored. I have blood tests once a month to check for low WBC,etc , etc…
    I hope it works great for you. Modern drugs are really amazing, I wouldn’t be here without them.

    • Tahoe girl get a second opinion for sure. It helped me feel so much better about the drug I have to take. It also made me feel better about my GI that I have had for 10 years. The new GI was lovely, but honestly, she was just not experienced in many areas and one being dealing with insurance companies. It came up and I was blown away by how she was not really equipped for that. It is hard for doctors with all the codes and games the companies play, and they have to know how to do that part!

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