Book–Deadly Emotions

Hi there,

I just received this book that my therapist suggested.  I ordered it from Amazon.  The library did not have it in their catalog or I would have checked  it out… which would have been less stressfulWinking smile


I just started reading it.


There is some good information in it pertaining to the stress and illness connection.


It also appears to be faith based and I am not very religious person. However, it’s okay.  When I am finished with it, I will send it to my sister who is a devout Christian.  It’s a good book with a sound concept.

Struggling with chronic illness, I wonder if it might be too late now! Winking smile  I mean, the damage is done right?  But maybe I can learn to relax and cope with my situation and that is what I am striving to do now.

Might in fact help to ward off any further illnesses! 

Talk about stress… we have lost some data at work and I am trying to retrieve it from external USB backup and it is not happening!  Now that has caused major stress!!!  Xanax take me away!

Wish me luck!



2 thoughts on “Book–Deadly Emotions

  1. The book looks interesting. I’m a firm believer that our minds can help overcome physical problems. Please give a book report to the class when you’re finished.

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