Rain in the Forecast!



And that is just fine by me!

Tomorrow I want to take my kid to practice at a golf course she is going to be playing at a tourney in next weekend.  If its pouring, we will pick the most challenging 9 holes only and play them and then go home and cozy up.

Thinking it might be a good idea as well to make some turkey soup this weekend!  I have the rest of the bones from Thanksgiving and would really like to use that.  Maybe dumplings?  Oh my gosh, it has been ages.  Gluten be damned! Winking smile  I make the best fluffy and huge (butter worthy) dumplings.  It just sounds so good!  Yes, I will share.  That is my ultimate comfort food.

Today feeling pretty good.  The new med is supposed to make some people nauseas but so far so good.  It can happen around two weeks though.  It can also give me pancreatitis which is painful and would send me into the hospital, lets just hope that does not happen.  I hate hospitals so much.  I get so scared there.  It has up to 30 days to do that.  I also have up to 90 days to see if it really works! 

On another note, work is crazy, I was able to restore the data a user deleted, but still not happy with what happened to the backup up files.  We are always fighting disk space at work and disk space is so cheap, its redic.  Today I am trying to find more storage, via additional hard disks and SANS. 

Enough about all that!

I sure hope that where ever you are and what ever you are doing, your are safe, warm, happy and healthy.

* See * you this weekend!



4 thoughts on “Rain in the Forecast!

  1. Hope it’s a good weekend for you. IT people like you are my heroes. When I’m panicked at school and think I’ve lost years of files I call the IT magicians for the district and they assure me all is well.

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