Sweet Secret

Hello!  How is it where you are?  It’s gonna be a wet one today. Not sure how wet yet,  it’s pretty early and I haven’t looked out yet.  Hopefully, not too wet to go get some golf practice in for my daughter though.

I have to share this with you.  I must have seen this on TV, or another blog or something and it has haunted me since.  I was also not eating any sugar at the time so I thought I would never be able to try it.  What a dope.  Honestly, who can or wants to live like that forever?  Moderation right? 

Life is too short not to have this once.

Last night after my daughter went to a friends house, I stopped at the store.  Here my friends is my sweet secret!


Chambord!  Its a raspberry liquor that I have never even heard about.  I think I have seen the bottle and thought that it looked fancy, but that was about it.

Its not cheap,  but I got it for about 10.00 because of a sale.


That is such a pretty little bottle.


I almost put the ice cream in a wine glass to be super fancy, but a little bowl works for me!


Raspberry is a favorite flavor of mine and this is so good.  Really lots of flavor and so decadent no?

I felt like I had to hide it!  Now you see it.


Now you don’t!


Way up high on a shelf.  I don’t want my teenager to think its for her!  And I want to have a secret!!!  A decadent little one at that.

I just found this website to share with you, to prove I am not crazy!  Plus they did put it in a fancy glass and it looks so pretty!

Next time I go to Oregon to visit my family, I am going to make this for them.  Speaking of Oregon.  I got a call that my mom is in the hospital but she should get out today. My brother explained that older folks get anemia and she fainted again. They took care of her and she should be going home today or tomorrow.  I hate not being there. I talked to her and she sounds good.  I told her I am not worried that I know she is going to go home today and be fine! 

She would love this secret.  I am my mothers daughter after all!

If you want to treat yourself, because you deserve it, and you do,  this is it!



7 thoughts on “Sweet Secret

  1. It’s good you were able to talk to your mom and better you saw her at Christmas.

    Ice cream, I could eat it everyday. Rum raisin is my favorite.

    • I just love raspberry flavored anything. There is a really good preserve I cannot get enough of, I will share it soon, spoon worthy and would be delish in ice cream as well.

    • Mom will have some changes in her living situation but doing well! Thank you all for your kind thoughts.

      I have not had a second bowl of this decadent treat but just knowing it is there is great! The food thing is really tricky for me!

      But I love this simple elegant dessert!

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