Rambling Post Syndrome?

Hello!  I hope that this post finds you in a good place!  If not, I hope you can see light at the end of your tunnel! Life just has a way doesn’t it?

This weekend was a mixed bag for me.  The weather cooperated on Saturday and I felt well enough to take my kid to practice.  They gave me a cart and that saved me.  There would have been no way I could have walked 18 holes and not have it affect me negatively right now.


It was a gorgeous day!  It was windy at times and when the clouds covered the sun it was cold.  I had a blanket though.


She played with another junior golfer who is playing next weekend.


She did great, she smashed her drives.  We measured her longest at 240! 

She worked on her putting as well.


I love being out there.


I love to watch  her progress.


I hope someday I can pick up my clubs again too and maybe play a round with her.


When she is in college, I hope to take golf back up.  That’s if my health is up to it.

Saturday night was rough.  For some reason I had a bout of insomnia and that led to anxiety and depression.  (Great post huh?)  Sorry to rain on the day! 

Speaking of rain, I made us get out of the condo yesterday.  Yeah, that’s me in the hot outfit. 


I didn’t want to do the whole lake walk because it’s too far, but I just wanted to move!


So we took the greenbelts to the lake beach area.


We used to come down  here when she was about four years old.


Time sure does fly.


It was less than a mile, but it made me feel better. 

I spent some time cleaning out the fridge, freezer and cupboards.  I tossed out three tall white garbage bags full of crap.  Old olives, dressings, processed food, freezer burned meat, etc.  It felt good to clean out!

Then I put a pork roast in the crock pot for BBQ sammies for kiddos dinner tonight. I will just make up some rice and have the pork plain.  Trying to eat simply again. 

Today feeling better.  Slept well.  This is the second week of the new meds.  No real improvement but no side effects yet either.  Knock wood.  I just hope that this drug works for me.  It would be great to get into remission for a long time.  At least long enough to get thru this BK and have one less stressor in my life.

My mom is doing well.  Sort of.  She is going to have to change her living conditions.  I’m thinking nursing home but I am not sure what is going on.  Need to find out more today.  I feel kind of badly because I try not to call my mom when I am down and yesterday I did.  I started to cry because of my whole health issue.  She has always been the one I can talk to about everything.  Since she is not doing well I feel like a selfish schmuck.  I don’t call unless I am upbeat, but that would really make it hard to talk to her lately.  So I did and I cried and she was my rock as usual.  I adore my mother.  Where will I be without her?  No one can take her place.  Ever.  I am so lucky to have her at my age and this long.  I know that for sure.

Wow, what a strange post!  Really rambling.  Maybe there is a side effect after all… rambling post syndrome.

Have a great day where ever you are and stay healthy.



4 thoughts on “Rambling Post Syndrome?

  1. You WILL golf, your health WILL be up to it, and you WILL be raring to do the whole lake walk. Glad you reached out to your mom. I know you want to stay upbeat when you talk with her, but sometimes we just need support. Hugs to you, Debt Girl.

  2. We are never too old for our moms.

    Two weeks in and no side affects is good, it may take awhile to balance your system to see results.

    I no I sound like a broken record, but be kind to yourself. I know we don’t know each other in life, but I care about you.

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