The Hills Are Alive…

Hello!  I cannot tell you how happy I am that this weekends weather forecast is what it is.  (If you are on the East Coast, look away!)



Saturday and Sunday both look great for the kids golf tourney and she should do great!!  I am looking forward to a personal best for her, if she plays the way she practiced last Saturday!  She is practicing 9 holes today and then on Thursday she has a lesson with her pro.  Yep, that is where all my LOADS OF MONEY goes!  I do not know  how I am doing it, honestly, but I am! 

In other news.  I didn’t take a walk yesterday because I was swamped, today I am swamped but I made myself go.  It really helps to ground me and gets me away from it all. 

We are still in the middle of a IT Master Plan and my workload is really heavy.  I just have to start letting things go and let people complain.  I mean, if they are down, I help, if they are not, they are gonna have to wait.  If backups are not 100% and we lose data, we die!  I have got to get the Virtual Servers to play nice.  Maybe its time to find a different backup solution.  More drama!

Forget about that… here are some pics of my break walk today.  Nice and easy.  The mountains are greener than ever!


Pretty lucky to have this space. 


I sure appreciate it!


I wish my pictures weren’t so blurry, its an iPhone, what am I doing wrong?


I took this by accident!  I like it.


This too!


Sure is green.  Ok, its not Austria, not by a long shot, but they are pretty!

Feeling pretty good today.  Back to watching what I eat, I swear, I need to keep at that.  I also found out that Wine is pretty much out.  But it is what it is.  Last time I followed the FODMAP eating plan and it really helps to get all the crap out of your diet.  So back to that.  Ok, maybe a few things that are crappy are allowed occasionally.

It’s been a whole week today on the new med with no bad effects.  Next Tuesday I will get some blood drawn to see if all is well and if I can continue.  Crossed fingers.  Then more blood in 4 weeks. 

Mom is staying in hospital until Thursday or so, looks like she is having some kind of procedure to help her heart out.  Its not a pacemaker, but info is not clear from brothers and sisters yet. 

Tomorrow I will be posting 29 of 60 payments.  Almost half way!  Then maybe it will feel like I am on the downhill slide! 

I was thinking the other day that there is nothing in my life that is not stressful.  I mean, no aspect!  Physical, financial, mental, I have a teen, my mom is getting much older now, I have an old condo, I have an old car… my job, no significant other…

I mean, what aspect of any of that is not stressful.  Is this normal?

Is it any wonder?  Winking smile 

I got this!


6 thoughts on “The Hills Are Alive…

  1. Did you go see the therapist?

    The fact you still have humor is a good sign you haven’t completely gone off the deep end.

    Good luck to the daughter!

    • Thank you I sure hope she does well! Yes I seeing him once a week until I can really feel like I have learned how to not internize all the stress. Its hard to do when you are independent!

  2. YOUR WEATHER! Your weather is not stressful. I have a friend (from Huntington Beach) who wanted to go to a movie one time, and I just looked at him like he was insane. He said, “What, what?” I told him you don’t watch movies in Missouri when it is 75 degrees and sunny. We have few of those days and spend them outside, ha.

    Debt Girl, I think you have an unusual number of stressors. You seem to be dealing with them all. Congrats on getting so close to the 2nd half of this BK.

    • Kimin, you are so right the weather is so not stressful! Thank you!!!

      That is funny about the movies, i guess we just take it for granted here.

      I really wondered if it was normal to have so much drama ;-)! Its beginning to feel normal. Thats not good!

      But hopefully it will iron out and time will fly! :/)

  3. Life is definitely stressful, it’s all in the way you handle it I suppose. I think you’re doing great, and 29 payments, so close to halfway! Beautiful scenery and weather, although I was rooting pretty hard for snow here in the Atlanta area last week. Not even a single flake. Bummer!

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