29 of 60 Payments DONE.


Good morning!  These are my favorite posts of all!  They rate much higher and give me more pleasure than posting my inexpensive recipes, my daily struggle with health issues lately, even my posts about golfing with my kid! 

My monthly payment countdown posts give me the strength to keep going, to keep pushing forward and looking toward the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Every month I create another loop for my string of payments.


Its going to be quite long!


One more and we are HALF WAY!

HALF WAY!  2.5 years left.  I can say that by the time I get to 2 years left, I will feel like it is over at that point.

I already created the strip of paper for next months half way point.


I just could not resist.  I plan to really glam and glitter this thing up and then I am going to set it on fire!  Winking smile

When I tape them all together at the end of this journey, its going to be quite long. 

Like a Coco Chanel string of pearls.  Ha!


Only more priceless to me.

It will mean:

  • One less HUGE thing to stress about
  • A condo with equity – Finally financially in the right place – no more second.
  • Financial freedom
  • Ability to make decisions about selling condo/moving
  • Completely out of debt (except student loan)
  • Get to keep my tax refunds if any
  • Closer to retirement
  • Debt to income ratio really good
  • Then only 24 months after discharge and it comes completely off my credit report (however, I checked my credit report, more on that tomorrow, unbelievable.)
  • The list goes on

Today is a good day.



12 thoughts on “29 of 60 Payments DONE.

  1. I’m thinking about how people kid about their advancing age and say, “I’m 29 and holding.” You are 29 and forging ahead, and I’m cheering you on.

    • Yep 29 and going strong! Ok maybe limping along at times but getting there! I sure hope the next couple of years fly by! Hate to wish my life away but this part…. Well I think I should! :-). forging!

    • The burning of the strands! πŸ˜‰ I am really looking forward to that!

      But maybe i should keep it as a reminder of how hard it really is and never get in the mess again!

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