Credit Score–March 2015


Now I know that this is not the credit score I had before my Chapter 13.  Well, hmmmm….that wasn’t so great either, it was always around 720.  It was stuck at 720 because of my debt to income ratio was not good.  I was completely in debt and underwater.  My mortgage amount was way over the 30% I think it supposed to be.   No end in site and just barely treading my monthly payments.

I will be very interested to see what my score will be like 24 months out from my discharge in 2017, because my debt to income should be fantastic.  No huge debts!

However, I think this is pretty darn good for being in the middle of a Chapter 13.


Remember my score when I first filed?  It tanked to 555 I think!   OUCH! 

So at least this is looking up!  That’s good news!

I have a couple of doctor appts. tomorrow.  This weekend, my kid is golfing her tourney but I’m not going to stay.  It will be way too warm out for me and there’s too much housework/laundry to do at home.  I miss those tourneys but I have to be really careful with my energy right now.

Last night I made a quick chicken and dumplings.  I brought some in for lunch.  Gluten be damned.  It was divine.  I talked to my mom who is doing just fine and we both agree that dumplings made from Bisquick are the best!  So light and fluffy.  Our favorite comfort food! 

In the next week or so I’m thinking about making some homemade sushi with my kid!  All I need is that bamboo thingy and Japanese rice, imitation crab and a few other things.  I am NOT going to buy one of those expensive kits.  IF I can’t do it on the cheap, well, we know that I won’t make it. But I think it would be fun and my kid loves it.  I do have to spend some money on more expensive soy sauce though because soy is so bad for you and if you buy the cheap stuff, you are asking for it!  If you haven’t looked up the dangers of soy, check it out.

What are  you up to this weekend?



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