Are you as sleepy as I am?


Does the time change kill you?

Do you live 5 feet away from a very inconsiderate new neighbor that kept you up all night by rearranging their closet or whatever?

I honestly don’t know what they were doing but the scraping sounds like hangers on a rod being shoved around.  They just moved in so maybe a 1:00am closet organization can be forgiven.  Oh and there was the occasional nail pounding!  Thanks pal!

I think I finally got to sleep about 2:00 and then my kid had to wake me up this morning.  I decided that there is no way I want this to affect my healing and so I stayed home.  I can take as many naps as I need to today to ensure that I don’t lose precious healing sleep.

So today, I am going to give my taxes a go.


I’m scared to death to see what the outcome will be.  But it is what it is and you can’t hide from the tax man.  Last year when I finished the IRS kindly informed me what my bill would be this year.  I took that amount and divided into the remaining pay periods and added that much more to give to the IRS for this years bill.

Please oh please Universe, hear me now, do not let me owe this year.


So much is coming down the pike (pipe?) at me and that would be one less thing to stress about.  If I overpaid, the Trustee gets whatever refund I would get back and that is just fine with me  I would rather she get my refund than have to come up with money to pay!  Its so hard to break even!

I spoke with my daughter about the added cost of a cleaning service.  She is fine with me cutting back even more on grocery.  Sometimes we get tired of the same old thing and moreover, I am tired of cooking.  Its just one more thing to have to do and then clean up after. I made a list of food ideas for both of us and some days it includes fast food, healthy but fast and cheap.

I actually think that adding some non-home cooked meals and a store-bought cooked chicken to our weekly menu is going to cut down on the cost of food.  More on that in another post.  My goal is to simplify as cheaply as possible.


(free-range, antibiotic, hormone free!)

Also to offset the cost for the monthly cleaning service, I plan on working a few hours on my Fridays off, health allowing.  I usually take any overtime as comp time, but plan on taking it with pay.  That will take care of that and heaven knows how much work I have that could really use the extra attention!  It will be a win-win.

Well, here goes nothing. Off to do a rough draft for the IRS.  Have you done your taxes yet?



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