Unexpected Small Windfall

Well, its not exactly a windfall, but I am getting a little bit of money that I had no idea I would get and guess what?  Its just enough to cover the cost of the cleaning service tomorrow!

As you know, today I stayed home from work.  Its a good thing I did, I slept a lot.

I still check my work email regularly and I got an email from HR congratulating me on my 15 year anniversary on Friday, the 13th. I know! 

And here is a snippet from that email:


The gift is nice, but the service award is nicer because the cleaning company called to confirm the time slot for tomorrow and told me it could cost $150.00.  (There was nothing on groupon for housecleaning!)

It cost more because when they asked me if I wanted the fans cleaned, I said yes!  When they offered to clean the inside of the refrigerator, I said yes!  They even clean ovens.  But I said no to that, next time for sure though.

I feel motivated to get things done!  I want to take down all the curtains now and wash them.  I want to sweep the patio.  So many things like that need to be done on top of all the cleaning.  I just feel now I might have a clean home finally.  It is so hard to keep up with it all when you aren’t feeling well, and even if you are!

Tomorrow is jam packed.  My boss agreed to let me take a full vacation day.  I offered to come in but hinted I would rather take the full day off.

I have my blood draw, I want to do a walk thru  with the cleaners and then I will leave them, I have a Future Junior night at my kids school and she has her Spanish tutor.  I also have some other errands to get done as well.

Oh and in between naps today I did a rough draft for my taxes.  It looks like the Trustee is going to get a nice fat check.  I don’t know how but it looks like I overpaid.  Well, its better than owing!  Its just so hard to come out even.

I had to post the good news!  Its so rare here at sixty payments lately!



6 thoughts on “Unexpected Small Windfall

  1. Well that worked out perfect! Congrats on your 15 years. I have 10 years at my company in September. I wonder what I will get. Others in the past always got a paid trip to Hawaii to stay in the owners time share condo, but I’m not sure if they have that condo anymore ;( Of course my luck it won’t be the trip, after I have been waiting for that trip for years, LOL.

  2. Yippee for unexpected money! I should have chosen a field in the private sector. I think I got a little plaque for the 10th year. I don’t think I got anything for the 15th. This teaching gig better keep me young at least. Hope you are feeling good, Debt Girl. Enjoy your spiffy condo after the cleaners. Geek out and stare at the top of the ceiling fans;)

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