A Little Overboard

Well, I went a little overboard yesterday but I am not mad a that!

I needed a day like that, a day where it was really all about what I need and want and rewards for my hard work.!  Pat Pat!

It started out getting my blood draw – that was not fun. She really poked me good!  OUCH!

Then the maids came.  After I got them started I went out and about to run a few errands. 

I wanted to buy some fresh flowers.  I cannot even remember the last time I bought fresh flowers.  Flowers are not expensive.  The daffodils I bought were 1.99 a bunch! 

However, I have no vases.  I got rid or broke most of them.  So I decided to go to the junk store and find some.

I found a pretty big one for these flowers at one junk store.  (What are these flowers called???)


Its pretty and heavy. 

I also found a smaller one for these flowers at a different junk store.


Then when I got home and washed them, I noticed they matched!  Completely and perfectly.


That probably means that these are the most common, cheap vases you can get.  But I like them and plan to keep them to use from now on.  I want to make fresh flowers a monthly thing.

As a matter of fact.  The cleaners are going to come monthly.  Listen to this.  Before they got there I checked my mail and I found a savings coupon for $15.00 off.  But it gets better.  They were not cheap, even with a coupon because I tipped.  When the cleaning lady was done and she was ready to leave she quietly told me that she does cleaning on the side and will come on Saturdays ( Molly maids wonโ€™t come on Saturdays!). 

I gave her my number and hopefully she will call and we can set something up.  $80.00 a month is cheap compared! 

Not only did I splurge on flowers, I splurged on a mani/pedi! 


Because I got a coupon out of the same booklet!  I wonโ€™t be making that a monthly thing though.  I have limits!


Not only did I get my house cleaned, buy fresh flowers AND get a mani/pedi.  I also bought some brand new sheets at the thrift store for $8.00 as well as two sweaters, a shirt and a night dress.  All brand new!   I canโ€™t wait to wash the sweaters tonight and wear them.

I went to the library to check out some sushi cookbooks, we want to try our hand at that this weekend. 

We are heading back up into the high 80s for the rest of the week and thru the weekend.  So no cooking and sushi making seems like a good idea.  I have all the stuff!  Well, most of it.  I need to post that for you.

I brought some flowers in to work today to enjoy. 


If you know what that white flower is called, do tell!   It has a lovely scent.

( I needed a day like that, but that should last me for awhile!)

Better get into my day! 



14 thoughts on “A Little Overboard

  1. The whole tone of this post is awesome. Never underestimate the power of a little self-care. What, you mean the name of the white flower isn’t white flower. I have a friend who calls every flower a Vinca. Not quite sure why he chose Vincas.

    • Ok White Flower it is! I love me some White Flowers!
      I have to admit today was a good day! I am hoping I am climbing out of the flare and that the med and me get along! Fingers crossed.
      I sure do feel better today than I have in quite sometime! Xoxo

  2. The white flower is called stock and smells lovely. My last blood draw was pretty good. The one before or one before that was so awful. So glad it went well.
    I’m buying an orchid once every couple months. I love the blooms last so long.

    • Tahoe Girl, so glad your tests are coming back good! I should hear from my dr tomorrow, he was out today! I just have a bit of a side ache, its probably nothing. Love the idea of an orchid but there is so little light in my condo not sure they would do…

    • Thank you Bridget! I really really appreciate your kind comments and thoughts! ๐Ÿ™‚

      I was just looking at my stretching page and would love to make your lentils again! My kid loved them!

      Note to self: make Bridgets lentils!


  3. Glad you got to pamper yourself. How did the housecleaners do? I had housecleaners for awhile back when my son was a baby and I went back to work. It was really nice for getting the deeper cleaning done and the house always smelled lemony when I got home ๐Ÿ™‚

    • They did great! Of course they missed a few things and dont know how to make a bed but they cleaned the nathroo better than i ever did, and my floors have never been so clean! They even vac the furniture!!! I was / am very pleased! Really took a load off and I am determined to work them into my budget! Takes off so much stress!

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