Quick Chicken & Dumplings


I have been hanging onto these pictures too long and want to get this recipe posted for you. 

A few weeks ago, I was going to make Turkey & Dumplings from some leftover turkey in the freezer, but it was just too old, so when I cleaned out the cupboards and freezer that got tossed.

What didn’t get tossed was my craving.  I made it with a store bought chicken instead a couple of weeks ago.  I sadly have to add that this is the last time I’ll be able to make this until I’m in full remission.  The gluten in the dumplings just kicked my butt!!   I do not have Celiac disease but I have a very hard time digesting lots of things, and wheat and gluten is hardest for me.  As well as dairy, raw veggies, fruit… Gah!

My mom and I agree that this is the best comfort food a person can ever have.  I grew up on dumplings, the great big fluffy kind.  Lots of butter, salt and pepper!

You don’t need many ingredients and there is no measurement required, just follow the directions on the box for the dumplings though.  It is so important to do the lid thing.  10 minutes with lid and 10 minutes without lid.  That is important!


Just get your veggies going.


Cut up your left over chicken and have that ready.  Use as little or as much as you have, it doesn’t matter.  (You can actually use the chicken to make a broth, but this is a quick recipe).


As soon as the veggies are soft, add the chicken and the broth and bring it to a boil and then add your dumplings.


They get so big, fluffy and yummy.  I love’em can ya tell?  The broth turns so creamy!

Put them in a bowl, add butter, salt and pepper and dinner is done!


I also pushed the envelope and brought some for lunch the next day, that is what might have pushed me over the edge.  Too much!


Hearty and filling!  Not expensive either.  This is a cozy comfort food, great for winter nights.

Okay, I am so glad I got that posted.  I want to add it to my Eating and Stretching page.  I haven’t been adding much there these days.

Hope all is going well in your neck of the woods, I still feel very much like I am on the mend!  Fingers and toes crossed.



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