Keeping the Trustee Happy

TGIF for sure.  Even though I didn’t work Monday and Tuesday I am looking forward to this weekend as if I worked a five day work week!

What a great idea it was that I took Monday off after the time change.  It really helped that I didn’t stress over not sleeping the night before.  My neighbor has been pretty quiet since as well.

Speaking of stress, I got the CBC test result yesterday and all is normal!  Now I just have to continue taking the meds and hope that in 4 weeks from now when they do a different kind of blood test, that one comes back good as well!  I’m optimistic.


I seem to be healing!  I hate to jinx it though.  Sometimes its two steps forward and one step back when you are digging your way out of a flare.  This damn flare has been hanging on since end of October!  I’m over it.

Tax Time!

On Monday between naps, I went online and did a run through for my taxes.  Guess what?  The trustee is going to be happy!  She is getting back a little over $2000.00 in refund. Do Not Ask!  It was such a huge mistake.  I don’t know how it happened.  I way overpaid the state and so my creditors will just get a little bit more percentage for a payback.

At least I don’t have to pay out of pocket.  However, I am trying REALLY hard this year to come out even.  I really screwed up. 

But on the bright side, I should be getting approx. 65.00 in my check, so I get a raise right?  Winking smile


I am so tired of having to worry about the Trustee every single tax season.  Only two more!  Then I can relax.  Two more!!!!  Yes!

So yes, the trustee will be happy.  I guess better get those filed before April 15th. 

It is going to be so painful to get those checks and then have to turn around and pay it to her!  GAH! 

No one said life in a Chapter 13 is easy right? 

Did you know that not all trustees take your refunds?  It’s a choice they make.  Some people in 13s don’t even have to send in their taxes, nope, nada.  They get big fat checks and keep them.  Naturally, that is not what happened to me!  Why would it? Winking smile 
That would have been to easy!

Hope you are having a good day; may your refunds be huge and yours to keep.



13 thoughts on “Keeping the Trustee Happy

  1. Dang! So if you had been getting that money in your regular paychecks it wouldn’t have gone to the trustee? you would’ve had $160 a month extra in your budget!

  2. My advice: first, don’t beat yourself up over it. Focus on the debt that is being discharged, and take a deep breath and be happy for that burden growing smaller every month you get closer.

    Second: break out the calculator and the Excel spreadsheets. Look at your total taxes paid for the last three years (dollar value of what the feds and the state took). Separate out federal and state. Then look at the number of deductions that you took and how much that resulted in you paying in taxes over the course of a year.

    Then figure out which level of deductions is “closest without going over” the taxes you owe.

    Subtract that amount from the taxes you owe, then divide the rest by the pay periods in a year. Fill out a new W-4 with the deductions that bring you close and the extra amount to withhold with each paycheck.

    Example: you usually pay $6,000 over the course of a year to the feds. Taking 3 deductions means that you have $7,000 taken out of your paycheck annually; taking 4 deductions means that you have paid out $5,200 annually.

    “Closest without overpaying” is 4 deductions. Take the remaining $800 ($6000 – $5200) and divide by the number of pay checks you have annually (probably 26). So then you will fill out a new tax form with 4 deductions, but have the feds withhold an extra $30 per paycheck.

    Repeat with state taxes. Estimate up if your income has gone up.

    • THanks Bridget, my boss helped me and we were both surprised at the refund. I am going to ensure we did everything you said this year. In a couple of months, I plan to look at a check stub to see if it is working and matches deductions! Gah

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  7. Aw! Well if it’s any consolation, while I don’t have to pay my trustee my taxes (bc I’m 100% payback 😰😰😰), my taxes this year are being used to pay back family who loaned me the lawyers fees to get this up off the ground! No fun here either.

    • Oh crap! This is no easy task!!! The only good thing (if there is one) about paying back 100% is that you can get a raise at work or even work part time if you need to supplement and they cant take it! I could not work OT untill this year! 😒😒😒 i am too freaking worn out to work another job or Or I would!!!! Best of luck to you!!! Xoxo 🌸🌸🌸🌸

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