Sushi! California Rolls

Home made in California no less

But first… I got my lake walk on yesterday!  It was cooler in the morning and because of the new meds I’m on, no sun allowed.  Well, I mean, I do live in Sunny SoCal, so no sun won’t work!  But I have to be super careful about exposure.  We all should be anyway right?

It felt so good to get up and get that walk on.  Its been too long!


It was still cool out!


Perfect actually.


And then the sun came out and I melted.


Nah, it was still early, so it wasn’t too hot yet.  Supposed to be almost 90 again today.   90!

After the lake walk I went home and prepared to make sushi with my girl later.  However she had different plans when she got back from playing 18 holes with her dad.


I’m so glad she still lets me cut her hair.  She wanted about 5 inches off, I took off 3.  She was  happy and I knew that would be just enough.  I save a fortune cutting her hair!

Then we made sushi.  My kid loves it.  I love it, but I don’t like the price.  Making it at home is way cheaper than going to the sushi bar!  Like a lot cheaper!    Its also worth the price of admission.  We haven’t laughed so hard, well, since the last time she cracked me up!

So here ya go, California rolls, actually made in California!  Winking smile

You have to buy sushi rice.  Make sure you read the side directions, there is a whole other way to make this rice.




Got to have Nori.  Divide these in half.


Must have Wasabi. Well, I do, my kids not a fan.  This is great, just add water.  I love that because it will last forever.


I bought this inexpensive bamboo matt and roller someplace.  I forgot where, but it was less than 5.00.  And now I have it!


This is the crab meat I used.  Next time I am going to try canned.  This was about 7.00.  We have half left.  I added a little bit of mayo to it before putting it in the roll.


Must have soy sauce. The one on the left is wheat free and way better for you.  When the Kikkoman is gone, I won’t buy it again.  Not healthy.


So here ya go.  Let’s make sushi!  First time ever.

Before you try this, go online/youtube to watch videos.  There is a technique.  You will see just how important that is shortly.

Get your matt ready with plastic wrap.


Make sure your rice is cool.  Make it way in advance.  I could barely wait!


We used crabmeat and avocado for filler, but you can use whatever.  I missed the crunchiness of cucumber though.


Looks good so far right?


And then this happened.


We laughed so hard that we could hardly stand up!  I NEED to buy a new knife!  I mean, I went from thinking this was easy to giving major kudu’s to the sushi chefs.  I’m telling you, it was worth the price of admission.  (OMG, buy that Mayo, it is awesome!)

Okay, so then it was my kids turn.


She is way more patient than I am.


And again:


At least hers is much prettier! 

Can I just say that these were a major fail in the looks department but they tasted so good!!!

I brought a couple to work today for lunch and hoping I can find a knife that will cut!


That was so much fun!  I really enjoyed the process and we both agree that next time we have sushi at the restaurant, we will pay attention and ask questions!

You have to make these if you like sushi.  If you have sharp knives, hide them from whoever you are making them with and make them go first!  Winking smile 

I seriously need to get a new knife or at least, a sharpening stone!


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