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It’s so early!   I woke up today at 4:00!  Its fine because I was in bed by 8:30 fast asleep.  I was so tired yesterday and I’m working some overtime today, I made sure I got some good sleep.  My iPad misses me!

I really need the money right now.  I want/need so many things.  I did get a check sent out to my brother to pay back my trip to Oregon yesterday (remember the last check he ripped up?).

I also paid Turbo Tax and filed my taxes – cost $70.00 and nope, it can’t come out of the refund.  The Trustee gets it all.  That is going to be one check that is going to hurt to write!  But moving on, lesson learned.  I would be golden with that refund though.  It annoys me that some people get to keep theirs.

Wah!!! Life I is not fair!  Wah! 😉


(Remember, click on the image to be taken to the original site if available.)

I haven’t done a Pinterest post in awhile so here we go!  Enjoy!

Starting with this image!  I miss the woods again.  It doesn’t take long.  In a few years, this will be one of my first road trips!


OMG, this is crazy right?  Its cheaper to use money than tile!?!  Check out the site!


This is gross, but such a good idea!  Check out the site!


Can you just.  There is just something so sweet about babies and animals. I can’t help but smile!



Okay, I have to get some of these this weekend!  They are usually the least expensive too!


How lucky is that person to have them growing in their yard?!

These look like something I might try!  No sugar! 


So funny!  The other night my daughter and I decided to get on the scale.  We were both scared, especially at night right?  We laughed so hard, she had to drag me on it.  In the end it was not terrible.  She golf’s and I walk as much as I can, so that helps.  You just have to move as much as you can and try to eat well.   Not easy though!

Love this kind of art.


Well, that is it for today.  My keyboard is still driving me crazy on this laptop!  I can’t believe I have not thrown it off a cliff by now!  Its so old and messed up but hey, its still typing right!?  Someday… I will get a new one, but that day is not today!

I hope you have a great day!  Happy Friday!

Oh wait, one last pin!





6 thoughts on “Pinterest – Cool Sites

  1. Happy day to you. It’s Friday and it’s taken all week, but I fully dressed, makeup on, hair fixed and ready to go.

    Not only did we go through 7 last year we both lost our jobs, lost our home and cars. But the worst, we lost both my husbands parents one month apart, dad in August, mom in September. We moved to a new state started over and haven’t been here a year when I got news Tuesday we might have to move and mom who is 700 miles away has lost sight in one eye.

    My mind is spinning, will I have to go to her? she refuses to leave her house, what happens to my marriage during this time?

    I am just overwhelmed, so much in a year and it keeps on coming.

    I have no friends here and really who wants to hear someone else’s problems. But I feel like I sm going to explode if I didn’t say it to an unknown Internet world.

    My husband keeps reminding me God has us and God has a plan.

    • Gail you have a lot going on! You are more than welcome to come here and vent, i hope it helps. Please go to then podcasts and listen to a long one! Trust me, they help!!! Virtual hugs!

    • Gail, that is a lot going on. I’m thinking of you and wishing you strength and wisdom to deal with everything.

      Thank you for your blog, a Debt Girl. I enjoy following along on your journey.

  2. Gail – I feel for you…i can’t believe sp much is happening in your world…it’s time for something positive to come your way. When you least expect it, it will. These are the times that are sent to test us…

    Debt Girl…you just keep on doing what you do. I’ve been reading your blog and things may be hard, but somehow you’ve found your way and look where you are…..half way done. You’re doing something right and you’re doing it with very little…you should be sooo proud of yourself. Your daughter has a very smart cookie looking after he two of you.

    As for your’s a bad learning experience, but it is a learning thing. You’re already working for your home and the creditors so do what you said in a previous blog and fix the deductions then take that extra money every month and put it into an account where it’s truly there for a rainy day or for fun or for whatever you want. People may be saving, but reality is, in most cases, people will continue to spend what they make (just a fact of life) so don’t be upset for what you don’t have…you’re making what you do have work for you. Soon your pay will be yours again…and by then you will have fully perfected the art of living in your means.

    Keep doing what you’re’re going to make i!!!!!!


    • Thank you! The saving part does scare me the most, the not having an EF. I will try really hard to get that but it is hard, things keep spring up, but I know I could do better. Yes, I am learning to live in cash. In all my years on this planet, since the beginning of when I got my first car on credit, I have never done that. I grew up in a live on credit life, it’s what we all did. I can say that I sure am learning how to live on cash! I like that part!

      You are doing great to! Half way! Woo hoo

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