Sunday Cooking–Thumbs Down!

Hello, here we are back at the grind! 

Yesterday I did spend a lot of time at home cooking.  I didn’t even cook everything I wanted to cook.

I got my recipes ready first thing. So much hope!


Then I got my grocery list ready.


You know what I realized?  I have most of the ingredients for the breakfast cookies and most of them are oats/grains!  Not Paleo.  But you know what else I realized?  I’m making them anyway because the ingredients are EXPENSIVE.  The saving grace of that recipe is that it is at least Gluten Free and that seems to be one of the biggest culprits for me. 

After all that, I didn’t make them yesterday,  I ran out of steam after everything else I made. 

The breakfast cookies are still on my list.  Another good reason to make them is that my kid will probably like them and they can be frozen.

I got busy and made the Salmon Cakes first.  They need to be formed and put in the fridge anyway for awhile.


At that point, I took some and put them in the freezer.


I doubt we could eat that many this week.  Its nice to have them in the freezer.

They turned out..just okay.  They will do in a pinch.


Super healthy and definitely Paleo.


Ok, maybe the dill sauce (?) isn’t Paleo but they are much better with dill sauce.

Then I moved onto the Tom Kha Gai soup.  I opted not to make the steamed rice.  See?  I am trying!

Check out those weird ingredients.  There was also lemon grass!  That was not easy to find.  Kefir leaves?  I couldn’t find that so I just used lime like the recipe suggested.


It turned out… Mmm…not the greatest.


I would rather spend $6.00 and love it from the Thai place from now on!  I will eat this batch because it wasn’t terrible, just not great!  At all.   Again, I doubt I will make it again. 

Why do I even try!  Now I have those expensive ingredients for what?  Maybe I will look up some Asian sauces to make with them.

I didn’t use all the chicken I defrosted for the Thai soup, so I grilled that up in advance to use for lunch and dinners this week.  That is not weird at least! Winking smile


And that concludes my Sunday cooking.  That was not fun, not enjoyable and not satisfying.  I’m such a lousy cook these days. I am just not into it.

I think that maybe after a certain age you just kind of burn out on cooking.  Sometimes, I look at all the new yummy, clever and fun recipes on Pinterest and I always think they would be fun to make, then I think… Nah… too much like work! 

Its like babies!  I will leave that to the younger more energetic set!


Have a great day and take it from me, don’t work  too hard!  It’s just not worth it!  Winking smile



10 thoughts on “Sunday Cooking–Thumbs Down!

  1. I agree about cooking. I am a good cook, but I don’t cook like I used to because of health and weight.

    I make the effort to cook fresh no processed foods, I am not strict with all the rules of no gluten, etc. but there is only so much you can do with chicken.

    We eat steamer vegetables a lot, and brocali but there is nothing like my rigatoni, lasagna, meatballs, everything full of carbs!

    • Anything carbs has my name on it and calls to me! I have to be very careful but its so hard! Another thing that makes it difficult is that big pot of carbs is so easy on the budget!!!!!

  2. I am right there with you, DebtGirl. I made two different things on Saturday and both were kind of awful. Bland and not to my/our taste. One was a Paleo hawaiian chicken and it was dry and not very flavorful. Second was clean eating turkey meatballs that tasted like chef boyardee. Definitely need to learn how to be more effective with spices.

  3. I never even try stuff like that because I know I will screw something up – I hate to cook and after so many years of trying and getting “it’s alright”….why bother!

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